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Options For Dental Financing

To cover the cost of hygienic, preventative, restorative, cosmetic, or other dental procedures, Park Dental Care of Astoria provides a variety of dental financing options. These types of payment choices are similar to vision or medical coverage, where the payment options aim to make dental care affordable and are designed to fit your unique financial situation.

Many full-time employers offer insurance benefits which cover the cost of dental care. Typically, employers offer different levels of coverage for their employees. These levels of insurance coverage are chosen based on the need of the individual receiving coverage, as well as the type of plan that the company subscribes to. Major insurance companies offer coverage for most basic dental check-ups and cleanings in the dentist’s office. They may also cover other restorative dental procedures, such as fillings, crowns, and bridges, although many plans do not offer complete coverage but only partial coverage for these types of procedures.

Some of the insurance companies offering dental insurance coverage include: Aetna, Amertias, Assurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Delta, Doral, Fortis, GHI, Guardian, Healthplex, Humana, Metlife, Metroplus, PBA, Principal Life, Tricare Uft, United Concordia, United Healthcare, and many others. If your insurance coverage is not listed above, it is generally a good idea to call the dentist’s office to understand whether your procedure is covered by insurance before you make an appointment. Don’t be shy, because this is a common inquiry for receptionists and the billing department at all healthcare and dental providers.

In addition, the following bank and airline dental PPO plans are specifically accepted by Park Dental Care: CitiGroup dental plan, American Airlines dental plan, Chase dental plan, Delta airline dental plan, Capital One dental plan, Bank of America dental plan and Morgan Stanley dental plan. There are a variety of union dental plans that are also covered, including: local three dental plan, excavators local 731 dental plan, 32bj dental plan, Verizon dental plan, Con Edison dental plan, and Keyspan dental plan.

For patients without insurance, there are also common payment options such as cash, check or credit. At Park Dental Care, personal and certified checks are preferred over business checks. All major credit cards and debit cards are acceptable (Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) as well as payment via PayPal.

There is also another option if you do not have insurance coverage. CareCredit is a special financing opportunity that sends monthly invoices for dental payment. This option includes no annual fees, setup costs or pre-payment penalties. Even if you have insurance but the procedure you need is not covered or is only partially covered, CareCredit can help you achieve your dental goals through a low monthly payment plan.

Most dentists make it as affordable and easy as possible for you to finance your dentistry needs. Whether or not you are covered by an insurance plan, a variety of options are always available to provide reliable payment to your dentist.

For more information about dental financing in Queens, contact Park Dental Care today at 718-Dentist. At Park Dental Care of Astoria, we can ensure that you feel confident with your payment options throughout your procedure and visit to our office.

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