2014-05-21 / Front Page

New Ice Cream Factory Opens In Astoria

An ice cream company, Fal Foods, has begun producing ice cream right here in Astoria.

The factory sits on 8,800 square feet and produces about 1,200 liters of high-quality ice cream.

Equipped with an array of new machines, the factory, located at 24-20 49th Street, produces four different lines of ice cream including the non-dairy ice cream DF Mavens and Brazilia Gelato.

The DF Mavens brand can only be found at Whole Foods, and it offers flavors like Madagascar vanilla and Sicilian hazelnut truffle.

The factory also produces a custom line for those people who crave new ice cream flavors. The workers at the factory will work with you to try and make something to your liking.


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