2014-01-22 / Features

Youngsters Scout 114th Police Precinct

Police officials at the 114th Police Precinct last week welcomed members of local Boy Scout Pack 90 to the Astoria Boulevard stationhouse, where the youngsters were given a tour of holding cells and an NYPD van – along with instructions on what they should do if they get lost, or are approached or grabbed by an unknown adult. More than 20 Boy Scouts ages six to eight were told to ask a police officer, firefighter, or other adult for help if they get lost. “Go to an adult you feel you can trust,” Community Affairs Officer Judge Coleman told the scouts. “Don’t wander off on your own – find a store owner or another adult and tell them you are lost.” The youngsters were also fingerprinted and identified by Crime Prevention Officer John Glynn, as part of the NYPD “Operation ID” program that keeps the prints and information on file for use by detectives if the child ever goes missing. “All in all, it was a great afternoon,” 114th Police Precinct Commander Deputy Inspector Kevin Maloney said. “The scouts had a great time touring the cells and playing with buttons and sirens in the van – and we were able to register them in the NYPD program that has helped investigators locate dozens of missing children.”
–Liz Goff

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