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President Obama Gives Shout Out To Con Edison Energy Tech

Fourteen-year-old Leah Jolly says she wants to be a chemical engineer and spends her time mixing concoctions in her mother’s kitchen to see how things work. 

“Everything around us deals with chemicals, whether it’s soap, food, hair products – you name it,” said Leah, a ninth-grade student at the new career technical education high school in Long Island City, Queens.

Called Energy Tech, it’s a partnership with Con Edison, the New York City Department of Education, City University of New York, and LaGuardia Community College.

President Barack Obama praised the work of private companies like Con Edison during his recent visit to Brooklyn.

“Across the country, companies like Verizon and Microsoft, Con Ed and Cisco … are working with educators in states to replicate what you’re doing here,” President Obama told students and teachers at P-Tech, which relies on an IBM   partnership to ensure graduates are prepared for skilled careers.  

Energy Tech serves students from grades nine through 14.  Students will be able to earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree.

“We are confident this partnership will positively change lives and impact generations to come in the New York City,” said Aubrey Braz, vice-president, Substation Operations, with Con Edison.  “We hope to introduce students into the energy field and inspire them.”

Energy Tech Principal Hope Barter worked with Con Edison to develop the curriculum. 

“Designing our program with real-life professionals in demand occupations is strategically the right move,” added Barter. “Our students want to be engineers. Who is better to tell them what they need than people who do it for a living.”

Energy Tech students are expected to earn a CTE-endorsed Regents diploma, which has more requirements than a regular Regents diploma.



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