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Stickball Update

We have two weeks winding down to the end and already, the middle of
the pack appears to be shifting.  There are several deeply important
double headers coming up this weekend.  With so many upsets happening
this Fall, the final count could be as unthinkable as most of the
individual performances we’ve seen all year:

(8 – 2) Frozen Ropes at (7 – 3) Pelham Village Wine
The Ropes continue to play their game and take a bigger hold of the
overall number 1 spot in the standings.  Their two wins this past
weekend were punctuated by stellar performances from Steve Yurchak, who
started things off with 2 homeruns in the opener.  He then hit another
homerun in the bottom half and threw 3 no hit innings to grab the
victory.  Anthony Yurchak hit a homerun each game and tossed 4 shut out
innings while striking out 10 for the opening win.  Rocco Justice
returned with a long ball of his own in Game 1.  They head down to JHS
074 Saturday morning to meet their opponents from the Summer
championship, the Pelham Village Wine.  Pelham received 2 wins last
weekend, putting them right back in the thick for the top spot.  Game 1
and Game 2 were both thrown by AJ Romano, who finished logging 10
innings and getting 15 strikeouts for the 2 wins.  In Game 2, Joe
Battaglia mashed 2 homeruns while Randy Belfiore hit one of his own.  
These squads are fighting tooth and nail for the number 1 seed.  
They’ve seen each other in the Finals and now are looking forward to a
big showdown for huge implications.

(3 – 7) Clippers at (4 – 6) Shadyville Sluggers
The Clippers needed at least one win this past weekend and received it
after a home field split.  Steve Chodan was all his group had
offensively throughout most of the day as he drove in himself with a
homerun in the opener and a triple in the bottom half.  Thanks to Vinny
Burns throwing 7 innings and only giving up 1 run, the bases loaded
walk to Keith Chodan won them the second game, putting them in better
position to make a run in the playoffs.  They will now drive towards
Pulaski Park in the Bronx Saturday to face the Sluggers.  After their
bye week, the Sluggers are looking forward to playing with their full
squad and getting back into the thick of the division as they were
before.  They managed to receive a homerun in their opening game two
weekends ago from Jay Nestrosio, then another from Jay in the second
game along with 3 from Miguel Cabezas.  They need to protect their
court this Saturday morning against a group that has strung together 3
wins in their last 4 games to maintain a hold in the middle of the
playoff bulge.  Both sides need these wins badly.  Who will come up
with them can shift the entire scope of the bracket.

(3 – 9) Gashouse Gang at (3 – 9) Tornadoes
Gashouse had two games in their grasp this past weekend but were unable
to get over the hump.  They still received a 2 run shot from Sean
O’Malley in the opener that put them in the lead for a while and 10
innings by Scott Almazan where he struck out 18 batters overall.  They
have one last week to put themselves in strong position against their
old rivals, the Tornadoes, Saturday morning.  The Tornadoes have been
piling up the runs, but their pitching has been suspect throughout the
course of the season.  Last weekend, they managed a homerun by Steve
Tomasik and a homerun by the hot hitting Evan Rivels to get themselves
moving, but couldn’t answer with equally strong pitching performances.  
They are now fighting for their playoff lives with a team that is
finishing up their season hoping to squeeze into the tight grouping
themselves.  It’s all or nothing for both squads this weekend.

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