2013-10-16 / Restaurant of the Week


by Teresa Barile

As you celebrate “Steinway Days” or any day for that matter, you ought to include a visit to Metro Coffee Shop on Steinway Street. The doors open at 6am on weekdays to greet hungry commuters on their way to work, as the subway is just out front. Visit on the way home and take some dinner home since they’re open until 10pm. José, the friendly owner ensures top quality ingredients and everything is made fresh.

Start with their breakfast specials starting at just $1.50 for one egg on a fresh baked roll. You can add juicy ham or crispy bacon to that sandwich for just a little more. Have a fluffy Western omelet, made with peppers, onions and ham put onto a roll and take it with you. All omelets are made with three fresh eggs and can be made with spinach, mushrooms, seven different kinds of cheese or garden vegetables. The breakfast wraps can be made with egg whites only if you wish. The Greek wrap is made with feta cheese, tomato and onion while the Vegetarian is made with spinach, broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes. You can also eat in at one of the few tables in this petite coffee shop and order stacks of hot pancakes, French toast and Belgian waffles served hot off the griddle. Homemade muffins, made fresh each morning, rolls, bagels and croissants are also quite popular.

Visit at lunchtime and choose among delicious items from the steam table for a hot meal. Choose among freshly roasted pork loin, chicken, sliced brisket of beef, barbecued ribs, roast turkey, pork chops, meaty lasagna or chicken Florentine. Side dishes include creamy mashed potatoes, white or seasoned rice, and fresh vegetables. These items change each day to satisfy the steady clientele who come for the good food at a great price. The lunch entrees are served with soup or salad, rice and vegetables. Soups of the day might include chicken noodle, lentil, bean soup or try a bowl of chili.

Metro Coffee Shop also makes awesome sandwiches, burgers, wraps and salads for fast, free delivery. The Metro grilled chicken wrap is layered with mushrooms, peppers, onions and melted mozzarella. The classic grilled chicken Caesar wrap is made with freshly cooked chicken breast, romaine lettuce and a touch of Caesar dressing ($7.25). Wraps are served with salad or French fries. Triple decker sandwiches require two hands to get around the layers of roast beef, smoked turkey, chicken salad or corned beef. Hot and cold hero sandwiches are served with cole slaw and pickles and are overstuffed with Italian cold cuts or sausage, chicken cutlets, hot roast beef and more. The house salads at Metro Coffee Shop are generously sized and full of fresh ingredients. Try the Popeye salad tossed with fresh spinach, mushrooms, bacon bits, hard cooked egg and red onion with your choice of dressing.

From the grill come juicy burgers made with pure beef or turkey and topped as you like. Greek gyros and kebob sandwiches are piled onto fluffy pita bread or served on a platter and served with Greek salad, and fries or rice. For dinner, take home roasted chicken or pernil, roasted pork that is so juicy and tender. Desserts include rice pudding, chocolate cake, cheesecake and apple pie, to name a few.

Metro Coffee Shop is on everyone’s way for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Located on Steinway Street, near 34th Avenue, just at the R train station. Visit soon, or call in your order for fast, free delivery to your home or office. They’re open seven days a week and credit cards are accepted.

Coffee Shop and Restaurant
34-10 Steinway Street, Astoria


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