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Candidate Serpe Unveils '22 Ideas For Distrcit 22'

(L. to r.); Mike Emperor, Lynne Serpe, Madeline Serpe and Mike Mittenberg.Photo Daniel W.K. Lee/Friends of Lynne Serpe(L. to r.); Mike Emperor, Lynne Serpe, Madeline Serpe and Mike Mittenberg.Photo Daniel W.K. Lee/Friends of Lynne SerpeGreen Party candidate Lynne Serpe unveiled her “22 Ideas for District 22” on October 3, among supporters and members of the community.
Serpe’s 22 Ideas for District 22 addresses several key issues, with a very local focus: a multipurpose community center as part of the the proposed Hallet’s Point and Astoria Cove developments near Astoria Houses, seven-day library service, a dog run, a Greenest Block competition, improved public transportation and bike racks on buses, investment in local jobs and small businesses and more.
“These 22 ideas are a starting point for a community discussion about the needs of our district,” said Serpe. “Several are based on conversations with voters over the last few months, like a dog run, while others are issues I have been committed to for years, such as seven-day library service, access to healthy food and an affordable supermarket on the Astoria Peninsula, increased bus service and the Newtown Pedestrian Plaza.”
The Lynne Serpe for City Council campaign has been highlighting one idea per day over the 22 days from October 4 to October 25, and will be soliciting other ideas for the district from voters through her Web site, www.SerpeForCouncil.org/22Ideas and in person at her campaign office at 25-11 Astoria Boulevard.
The campaign will then ask District 22 constituents to vote on all the ideas, online and in person. It is this kind of participatory democracy that Serpe wants to engage the community in when she is elected councilmember.
“People are fed up with partisan politics, which we know by the public’s reaction to our federal government shutdown. Locally, every day we hear at subway stations, and while knocking on doors, this same frustration,” said campaign manager Daniel Lee. “A truly independent candidate like Lynne Serpe, beholden solely to the residents of District 22 is the change voters want.”
“For me, being green is about using resources wisely—financial resources and natural resources,” concluded Serpe. “Clean air, clean water, clean energy and clean streets are not partisan issues. They impact our public health, our wallets, our environment and our quality of life.”
For the full list of Serpe’s “22 Ideas for District 22” and a video of her explaining them, visit serpeforcouncil.org/22ideas and join the conversation.
Serpe previously ran for a city council seat in 2009, against Peter Vallone Jr. and garnered a strong 24 percent of the vote. She is a long-time community activist whose campaign is focused on affordable housing and sustainable development, healthy schools and neighborhoods, clean energy and good jobs in a green economy and fair elections for all.

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