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QBG Announces Gary Park As New Prez Of Korean-American Friends Of Queens Botanical Garden

QBG is pleased to announce that Gary Park, Esq. is the new President of Korean-American Friends of Queens Botanical Garden.  The Garden has long depended on relationships with the community, and the Korean American Friends of Queens Botanical Garden is a partnership that has lasted for more than a decade. 

Gary Park is an attorney with more than 20 years of trial and litigation experience.  He is a managing partner in the law offices of Charles C. Khym & Company PC, a prominent Queens firm.  In addition to his legal work, Mr. Park has been active with YKAN, the Young Korean Americans’ Network, a non-profit organization founded in New York that provides community and volunteer service, striving for the advancement of Korean Americans into the American mainstream.  He has served with YKAN as board member, president, and chairman.  Mr. Park is also a former board member of Friends of Channel 13 and was featured in WNET/Channel 13’s documentary “Korean American Spirits.”  Recently, he has served on the board of Women In Need Center, which provides emergency shelter and social services to Asian women and their children.  Mr. Park is also a newly-elected member of QBG’s Board of Trustees.

The Korean Friends of the Queens Botanical Garden was founded by Dr. Joon J. Bang more than a decade ago.  Charter members include: Charles. C. Khym, Esq., Joon Taik Kim, Kichul Kim, Young Oak Ko, Young Chul Kong, Yong Ho Lee, John Park, David Shin, and Smith Shin. The purpose of the group is to showcase Korean culture and heritage, build bridges between communities, and introduce people to the natural beauty and stimulating programs of Queens Botanical Garden. The Korean American Friends of QBG raises funds to support the QBG’s Circle Garden, which features plants of importance in Korean culture or native to Korea.  For many years, the group sponsored Cosmos Night, a signature fundraising event first held on September 12, 2002.

“I am happy to pass the baton of leadership to Gary Park”, said Dr. Joon J. Bang, the founder of the organization. “I know we will be in capable hands and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish in the future”.  Frank Mirovsky, Chairman of QBG’s Board, commented on the Korean American Friends Group.  “We cherish the continuing friendship and support of our Korean Friends. They were an early and consistent benefactor of QBG.  The Circle Garden is a living emblem of their help and support. We are extraordinarily proud of the Pin Oak dedicated to 100 years of Korean emigration to this country which reminds us of the great debt we owe to our immigrants.”

Susan Lacerte, QBG’s Executive Director said “I thank Dr. Bang for founding the Korean-American Friends of Queens Botanical Garden over a decade ago, and for all the support from the charter members and other friends. I now thank Gary Park for taking the reins, and for blazing his own trail to promote greater understanding of the richness of American and Korean cultures, and of the botanical world. We invite people from all cultures to visit and to see the beauty that is here. I look forward to continuing this important community connection work with Gary. And, on behalf of our trustees, we welcome him to our board.”

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