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For more than 40 years Armondo’s Italian Restaurant has been the place to go for a romantic dinner for two, a special family meal, or a business lunch or dinner. Here you’ll find superior Italian cuisine made fresh on the spot, and daily, seasonal specials prepared and served at their peak of freshness. Best of all, you’ll find Jerry Crisci, the proprietor, community-minded citizen, and philanthropist who will greet you like family every time you come in.

The warm, elegantly subdued dining room features soft lighting, carpeting and tables dressed in crisp, white linens. The service is impeccable and unobtrusive, adding to the overall experience. Miguel, our charming waiter brought glasses of wine and olives to munch on while he described the fabulous specials of the day that included Blue Point oysters that were fresh and briny from the sea. Buttery buffalo mozzarella balls were dressed with tender stalks of asparagus and roasted red peppers and a crack of fresh pepper made this dish burst with flavor. Entrée specials sounded so good, we couldn’t resist them and so my lovely colleague had the fresh tagliatelle pasta topped with chunks of salmon, tender artichoke hearts, and a light, flavorful pink sauce. The tilapia fillet was flaky and fresh, resting on a bed of fresh spinach and capers. A light summer meal of seared sea scallops was served over a refreshing mango salad. That’s the beauty of Armondo’s; you can get all your favorite classic Italian dishes from the menu, or indulge in the day’s fresh catches and market purchases prepared by the expert chef. They will even adjust a dish to your liking.

From the appetizer menu, you can’t go wrong with baked clams or clams possilipo in a garlicky sauce, tender, crispy, fried calamari and stuffed mushrooms are all excellent choices. Melon wrapped in prosciutto is a summer treat, so get it now and share an Italian tossed salad for the table.

The menu offers classic pasta dishes ($13+), all prepared on the spot and served in generous portions on gleaming white plates. Fettuccine or tortellini are served with creamy, smoky carbonara sauce, basil pesto, or filetto di pommodoro tomato sauce and you can’t go wrong with either. Tender ravioli are filled with cheeses, mushrooms, lobster, or chicken and topped with creamy Alfredo sauce. Pasta topped with frutta di mare is a seafood feast, while baked ziti and fluffy manicotti are all family favorites.

Meat courses include juicy steak or filet mignon if you’re looking for the basics, but Armondo’s signature “bracciole”, is outstanding. This Italian specialty is a steak filet that has been pounded thin, then rolled up with cheese, ham and pignoli nuts and cooked in savory tomato sauce. Pork chops Armondo is a very popular dish with two hefty pork chops filled with thinly sliced ham and cheese, then prepared in a savory brown sauce with lots of sliced mushrooms. Tender veal or chicken cutlets are forktender and can be prepared a number of ways, such as the always popular francese, piccata style with capers and lemon, rollatini with ham and cheese, or sorrentino style, with eggplant and cheese.

Take the whole family, where even picky kids will happily slurp up spaghetti and meatballs. There are special Wednesday night dishes during the month, including corned beef and cabbage, lamb chops and roast suckling pig.

Sweeten your palate with the house’ tiramisu, which is creamy and delicious or homemade Italian cheesecake. Chocolate eclairs, carrot cake, pecan tarts, and more will tempt you and don’t even try to resist. Espresso, cappuccino or a digestif finishes your meal with style.

Armondo’s is open for lunch Monday to Saturday from noon until 4pm, then for dinner service. Jump off the train at Roosevelt Ave / 74th Street and it’s just one block up. The warm greetings, homey atmosphere, superior Italian cuisine, and seasonal specials will have you back again and again, just like me. We’ll see each other there…ci vediamo a Armondo’s!

74-27 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, NY

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