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Stickball Action Across NYC

The Summer so far has brought us a new team and a slew of new players
to the forum.  Now, with another new team coming into the mix, the
league is starting to regain past form.  There were some remarkable
hitting performances last week, so there is no telling what this second
week to the Summer will bring:

(1 – 1) Frozen Ropes at (2 – 0) Mamaroneck Gas House Gang
The Ropes began their quest to regain their championship with a split
against a strong squad and now seek to add to that first win total.  
Tim Yurchak did his work as he threw a shut out while Anthony Yurchak
went yard for the only run of the opener.  Their second game starred
Steve Yurchak as he went deep twice to muster up all the offense they
put together.  They will travel into the Bronx off the Bruckner
Saturday morning to meet up with the Gas House Gang.  Last week, the
Gang flexed their muscles in their opener as they hit homeruns galore.  
Gustavo Martinez pitched 3 solid innings, but his highlights game in
the box as he hit 3 homers in the double header, 2 in the opener with
10 RBIs in the two games combined.  Ross Fomerand hit a grand slam in
the first game before Fabrizio Peralta put his own mark on his team
with 2 homeruns in the second game.  They will have to hold their home
court Saturday morning against one of the elite groups in the league.  
How it plays out sparks a great deal of interest.

(1 - 1) Raging Bulls at (0 – 2) Heavy Hammers
After meeting their rivals and coming away with a win, the Bulls now
look forward to their next few weeks of the season.  Jim Wendling was
the big man for his team as he helped them come away with a split last
week by hitting 3 homeruns in the second game.  Joe Annoscia got the
win while Artie Von Weigand also put up a big fly in the Game 2
victory.  They now move down to Queens at Electric Playground Saturday
morning to face the Heavy Hammers.  Evan Rivels brought two new players
– Chris Iocco and Danny Stokes – with Todd Alster and their opening was
not as successful as they would have hoped.  Even so, Todd came back to
the league with a homerun in the second game and Chris showed he was
not overmatched as he hit a homerun in his debut Game 1.  They will
have to pick it up if they wish to keep their home field protected
against one of the top teams put together.

(0 – 2) Stick’Em Up at (2 – 0) Tornadoes
Though the Stick’Em Up sported some tough pitching in their first week
of playing, they fell just a little short against the defending
champions.  Mike Walsh again showed a great deal of hitting as he had 2
doubles in the first game before sending one deep in the second.  
Carlos Viteri hit a homerun in his return to his old squad during the
first game back with them as well.  They will do what they can to
temper the hot hitting of the Tornadoes at Oceania Avenue Saturday
morning.  Steve Tomasik, Steve Dachtera, and Joe LaMicela put up 46
runs together in the opening week with a combination of incredulous
hitting that never seemed to be salved.  In the opener, Joe LaMicela
was the only one of the three to go long, but Steve Tomasik managed 8
runs plated.  The second game was a mashing display as all three of
them hit homeruns, Joe LaMicela went for the cycle that included 4
doubles, Steve Tomasik drove in 8 again, and Joe and Steve Dachtera
drove in 9 each.  With that kind of swatting, the Tornadoes would be a
tough egg for anyone to try and crack.  The Stick’Em Up have some arms,
however.  They can probably keep such an offense down.

(0 – 2) Pulaskis at (0 – 0) New Team (Sun.)
Despite the Pulaskis promising to bring back their old, dominant team,
they needed some fill-ins to piece together a squad the opener.  The
results were exhilarating offensively as Jon Hopkins represented his
group with a homerun in each game.  Mark Ferrari and Miguel Cabezas did
their part to help as they too hit a homerun each in the second game.  
They now plan on bringing their full force out to Long Island as they
face a second week entry new team.  It’s hard to say what this new
group will bring to the table, but it is always fun to see what they
can do as they open against a squad that should be in the run towards
the end.  How they make their first impression will be a good
indication what sort of team the new one can be.  It will be quite a
compelling match-up this Sunday morning.

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