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Quinn Racks Up Endorsements For Mayoral Campaign

State Assemblymembers Edward Braunstein, Michael DenDekker, Andrew Hevesi, Margaret Markey, Michael Miller, Francisco Moya, Catherine Nolan, Michael Simanowitz, Aravella Simotas and David Weprin got together at Queens Borough Hall on June 14 to announce their support for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s bid to become New York City’s next mayor. Eight assemblymembers, joined by Nolan, who endorsed Quinn earlier this year, made the case that of all the candidates in the race, the city council speaker has the strongest record of actually delivering for New Yorkers of anyone in the race. 
 These endorsements come on the heels of support from a growing list of public officials, labor unions, and activists. Most recently, the United Auto Workers (UAW), The National Organization for Women of New York City (NOW-NYC) and Congressmember Joe Crowley have all announced their backing of Quinn’s run.
“I can think of no greater champion for the students, teachers, and working families of Queens than a Mayor Christine Quinn. I am proud to offer her my support and I intend to make the case to Queens families that we have a great pro-education, middle class ally in her,” said Nolan, who officially endorsed Quinn on March 25. “I can attest to her record of accomplishment. Working with her to expand kindergarten in our city is an example of her tenacity and ability to get things done for our kids. As a parent of a teenager in a New York City public school, I know I can trust Chris Quinn to put our children’s interests first.”
“I’m proud to endorse Christine Quinn and her strong record of helping New Yorkers,” announced Braunstein. “She’s gone to bat for my district throughout her career, fighting to keep crucial services available to Northeast Queens residents. This commitment is indicative of her resolve to fight for hardworking, middle class New Yorkers across the five boroughs. I look forward to bringing her brand of tough leadership to the mayor’s office.”
“Chris Quinn has already demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills during drastically bleak times and has proven she has the ability to lead this city, as mayor, through whatever the future holds,” said DenDekker.
“Speaker Quinn has shown an unrivaled commitment to keeping New Yorkers across the city safe and economically secure throughout her time on the council and as speaker,” said Simanowitz. “I have no doubt that she’ll continue to build on this record when she moves to the other side of City Hall next year, and I’m proud to stand with her. The people of Queens have a true ally in Chris Quinn.”
“I am proud to endorse City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for Mayor,” announced Simotas. “Speaker Quinn has uniquely established herself as a leading advocate for all New Yorkers.  I am confident that under her leadership our middle class families will see a lighter burden, our schools will better serve the interests of students, and small businesses will enjoy a climate in which they can thrive.  Speaker Quinn is the candidate with the right ideas for our city and, more importantly, the candidate with the ability to make these ideas a reality.”
“I am supporting Speaker Quinn’s run for mayor because of her unmatched commitment to preserving and strengthening our city’s middle class,” said Hevesi. “Through her time running the city council, she has worked hard to grow small business in Queens. Her emphasis on entrepreneurial programs and building on our community’s strengths make her by far the best candidate to represent working families throughout my district.”
“I am supporting Christine Quinn for mayor because of her record of bringing real New Yorkers the services they need, and because of her relentless determination to bring better growth and new industry to middle class families in Queens,” said Miller. “She is the only candidate in this race who understands the problems facing workers in my district, and she is the only candidate with experience to fix those problems. Her economic development plan demonstrates her ability to help my district’s middle class, capitalizing on our unique existing strengths to create jobs in Woodhaven and Glendale.”
“I am proud to endorse Christine Quinn, an experienced advocate for middle class New Yorkers, for mayor of New York,” announced Moya. “Over the last 12 years in the city council, Speaker Quinn has fought for real working families, building up an unparalleled record of support for real Queens residents. Her entrepreneurial programs and economic development plan, tailored for our community, demonstrate how she would help create jobs and grow small business in Corona.”
“I am proud to support City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for New York City mayor,” said Weprin. “When I served as chairman of the New York city council Finance Committee, I worked closely with Christine in advocating for quality health care and responsible public spending. We allocated $2.5 billion in surplus funds to ensure retirees would receive quality health care and saved taxpayers more than $1 billion by providing annual $400 property tax rebates for homeowners and co-op/condo owners. With a strong record in advocating for policies and services that benefit New York City, I’m confident that Christine will continue to tirelessly work for all New Yorkers.”
“Christine Quinn has spent her whole career fighting for New Yorkers, and I know she’ll be just as committed as mayor,” said Markey. “I’m proud to support her campaign and am grateful for everything she has done for the people of Queens. There is no other candidate who will work as hard to make New York a safe and prosperous city for the middle class throughout all five boroughs. I look forward to working with Christine Quinn as mayor and to the work she’ll do to bring jobs and progress to Queens.”
“I’ve been proud over the last 12 years to work with Assemblymembers Braunstein, DenDekker, Simotas, Nolan, Markey, Miller, Weprin, Hevesi, Simanowitz, and Moya, all strong advocates for a vibrant middle class in Queens,” said Quinn. “Together, they have been a driving force in Albany for the working families in their districts. As mayor, I would work to continue my partnerships with these important advocates. We will work to bring better jobs to Queens by helping small businesses with their specific needs. Our city’s middle class has different needs in every part of our city, and by working with these important representatives in Albany, we can implement effective and unique economic policies for different Queens neighborhoods.”

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