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The MEAT Boutique

The Meat Boutique is Sunnyside’s Family Butcher & Purveyor of Fine Food. The Meat Boutique opened just six weeks ago by the jovial Patrick McConville, a butcher by trade from County Armagh in Northern Ireland. This is more than a butcher shop though. There’s also a large selection of dry goods, dairy products, breads, biscuits, and sweets imported from Ireland and the United Kingdom. What’s more, a lovely patio and garden in the back is a great place to eat the delicious food prepared here. Soon, wine and beer will be available, as well as a special barbecue on Sundays.

As the name suggests, you’ll find a mouth watering array of fine meats, including handmade Irish sausages made with special spices that McConville carries from Ireland, much to the dismay of customs officials! Starting with these delicious links, we tried the small and large pork sausages, grilled and served on a mound of delicious mashed potatoes. There are even hot Italian sausages that grilled up hot and crispy on the outside and spicy inside, perfect with the mashed potatoes, or piled onto a sandwich. Take home a slab of Irish bacon and sausages and a can of beans for a traditional Irish breakfast.

All the meats here can be packed up to cook at home, or cooked here to eat in the garden on picnic tables. The daily selection of high quality meat includes all grass fed beef such as tender rib-eye steaks, gorgeous shell steaks, NY strips, sirloin steak, and the juiciest burgers around. Take home a rack of lamb or boneless pork chops with virtually no fat, and all the chicken is organic. Shish kebabs are laced with meat or chicken and fresh vegetables and ready to take home to throw on your grill. Pick up fresh made red bliss potato salad, macaroni salad or cole slaw to go with your meal.

Further down the meat case, you’ll find the steam table with the daily specials and hot dishes to eat in or take out. Sliced corned beef and cabbage and shepherd’s pie are two of the house favorites. There’s chicken potpie, Buffalo wings, hand-cut, breaded chicken tenders, and traditional stuffed Irish bacon, filled with bread stuffing. In addition, the blackboard features the daily specials. Monday starts the week with Irish beef stew. Tuesday offers pot roast with braised red cabbage or pan seared pork chops in peppercorn sauce. On Wednesday the grill renders juicy lamb chops with rosemary sauce and Thursday’s steak and mushroom pie is hearty and satisfying. Come Friday for ale battered fish and chips and Saturday for chicken cordon bleu with ham and melted cheese. Relax on a Sunday with slow-roasted leg of lamb or roast turkey.

Next week a sandwich board will be added to offer all your favorite sandwich meats, breads and fixings to stay or to go. Soon, The Meat Boutique will feature Sunday barbecues in the nicely landscaped back garden, shaded by a lovely tree and outfitted with picnic tables and umbrellas.

If you’re from Ireland or the U.K., you’ll really appreciate the imported grocery items that line half the shop. My special friend from Scotland waxed nostalgic about biscuits, custards, and sweets from his childhood that are available right here in Sunnyside. As he filled up a basket of items to take home, I packed up sausages, wheaten bread, soda farls, Barry’s tea, biscuits, and cans of mushy peas for my dear friend who misses her native Belfast.

Indeed The Meat Boutique is Sunnyside’s Family Butcher and Purveyor of Fine Food. For high quality meats and chicken, hot food, salads, sandwiches and groceries from across the pond, visit The Meat Boutique, conveniently located just downstairs from the 7 train / 40th or 46th Street stations. If you read Gaelic, you’ll note the sign over the front door that says “A hundred thousand welcomes”. If you don’t read Gaelic, you’ll hear a warm welcome from Patrick and the friendly staff at the Meat Boutique. Family Butchers & Purveyors of Fine Food

43-15 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside

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