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Cops Question Ex-Con In Stun Gun Sex Attack

Queens detectives last week questioned a 42-year-old ex-convict in the attempted rape of a female jogger in Forest Park.

Cops questioned Richard Kasselbaum, of Howard Beach, in the March 29 attack against the 27-year-old woman who fought off her attacker and sent him running from the scene.

Police said the woman was jogging along the horse trails in Forest Park, near Metropolitan Avenue and the Jackie Robinson Parkway at about 7:30 p.m. on March 29 when the suspect came up from behind and shoved a stun gun into her neck.

The ex-con then dragged the woman into some bushes near the horse trails and tried to pull off her shirt, police said.

The suspect grabbed the woman’s iPhone and fled when she managed to fight him off and run away to call police.

The woman was taken to Queens General Hospital for treatment and evaluation, police said.

Law enforcement officials said Kasselbaum served 19 years in prison on a murder conviction after he fatally stabbed his aunt, Barbara Jackson, during a dispute in her Flushing home in 1990.

Prosecutors have temporarily deferred charges against Kesselbaum in the March 29 attack pending further investigation, a spokesperson for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Kesselbaum is currently on parole for the murder conviction, law enforcement sources said.

He remains behind bars at Rikers Island in connection with the March 31 sexual abuse of a Woodhaven woman who was attacked as she walked home from a local laundromat.

Meanshile, law enforcement officials continued to remind women to remain alert to their surroundings when jogging alone at night – in parks or on city streets.

“It’s never a good idea to blast music – and shut out your surroundings while jogging day or night,” officials said. “Tone down the noise from your iPod and unplug one ear so you can hear what’s going on around you,” the officials said.

“Jogging to loud, pounding music is a great motivator. But you should save the loud music for times when you’re working out at home or in another secure environment.”


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