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Letters To The Editor

For more than 31 years, the Queens Gazette has endeavored to use the Editorial page as a place to highlight, applaud, salute, criticize, or improve anything and everything related to Queens. Often, we have used it as a call to action, to bring to our readers’ attention a dilemma or a difficulty that required their urgent consideration. Frequently, it is our readers who sent us a Letter To The Editor either by United States mail or e-mail that piqued our curiosity regarding a particular subject.

While we are not complaining, we have probably written more than 1,600 editorials over these years. Some seemed momentous at the time, but upon reflection, appear mundane. Others, which at first seemed somewhat trivial, developed into major issues. It is this very aspect of writing our editorial that is a sobering responsibility that we take very seriously. While we do not always have earth-shattering ideas, we always try to seek the most relevant topic that would be on point to readers of the Gazette and thus all residents of Queens.

Our county is the most ethnically diverse county in America, if not the world, and thus the diversity of our people and residents is enormous. We take this into account with each and every editorial that we pen. With this in mind, we urge all our readers to make it a habit to write us a letter at least once per year as a way for our newspaper to know what is important to our readers. Please send us your ideas, comments and opinions, and we promise to consider them each and every week as published Letters To The Editor or occasionally as an Op-Ed, and certainly as a potential subject for an editorial. And to those of you who write us sometimes as many as three or four letters per week, we commend you on your dedication to our community and thank you for voicing your concerns to the Queens Gazette.

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