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Mom Calls For Federal Probe Of Son's Death By Cop

By Liz Goff

The grieving mother of a National Guardsman who was shot and killed last year by an NYPD detective during a traffic stop on the Grand Central Parkway last week demanded a federal probe of the incident after a Queens Grand Jury declined to bring criminal charges against the officer.

“I’m very upset,” said Cecilia Reyes, whose son, Noel Polanco, 22, was fatally shot after a car chase on the Queens highway.

Polanco was driving his co-worker and her friend to Elmhurst in the early morning hours of October 4 when he twice cut off a marked NYPD Emergency Service Unit van, authorities said.

Polanco refused to pull over when cops ordered him to do so – and instead took the officers on a high-speed chase along the Grand Central Parkway, ending near LaGuardia Airport, authorities said.

When NYPD Detective Hassan Hamdy, 39, approached the driver’s side window of Polanco’s vehicle, Polanco kept his gaze forward and put his hand underneath the driver’s seat, authorities said.

Hamdy believed Polanco was reaching for a gun, authorities said. The 14-year NYPD veteran fired a single round from his department issued weapon that struck and killed Polanco.

Polanco and his two passengers were heading to Elmhurst after spending several hours drinking and partying at a notorious nite spot on Broadway in Astoria, law enforcement sources said.

The matter was presented to a Queens Grand Jury that last week rejected a witness account of the incident and declined to bring criminal charges against Hamdy.

“My son had no weapon,” Reyes said. “And yet the officer gets away with this?

“What about my son?” Reyes said. “Where is the justice?”


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