2013-02-20 / Features

Simotas Announces New Gifted And Talented Program

Assemblymember Aravella Simotas announced on February 13 an important decision regarding Community Education District 30’s Gifted and Talented (G&T) learning opportunities for K-8 students.

Gifted students at P.S. 166 will benefit from a brand new program to open at P.S. 126, using underutilized space at that facility. “District 30 is home to so many bright young scholars. I am incredibly pleased to announce the new program at P.S. 126, my own alma mater,” Simotas said.

The new middle school program will be equivalent in terms of admissions and academics to the current program run at P.S. 122. The spots in this program will be guaranteed to students from P.S. 166, which will remedy their outstanding need to continue their G&T track beyond elementary school.

In addition, beginning in 2013, all new students will test into middle school G&T programs using current English Language Arts (ELA) and Math testing scores—meaning no new tests or retesting will be required. Moving forward, this will allow current students to continue with their educational track undisrupted, while new students will be given a fair chance to test into a G&T program using current testing standards.

Simotas remarked, “We are extremely lucky to have so many talented students in our community; I am proud that we have ensured that each of them will receive a challenging and rigorous education that will meet their needs.”

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