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Cops Issue Warning On Energy-Saver Scam

By Liz Goff

Queens law enforcement officials are warning residents to pull the plug on a door-to-door scam that promises lower energy bills.

The scammers, in an attempt to lure-away Con Edison customers, are ringing bells at homes and apartments throughout western Queens, offering rock-bottom gas and electric rates through several energy service companies, officials said.

Law enforcement sources said the salespeople will do anything to lure Con Edison customers away from the energy giant, often by lying, forging documents and misrepresenting savings to wrap up the deal.

Law enforcement sources said the scam works as follows”

  • The scammers, often working in pairs, approach residents by ringing their doorbell – then ask the resident for a copy of a recent Con Ed bill.
  • The scammers give residents their correct name, but often say they are from Con Edison.
  • They review the bill, pointing out high rates and offering phony low rates to encourage residents to switch energy suppliers.

Law enforcement officials said the scammers often copy personal customer information from the Con Ed bills, to use in an unauthorized switch to another supplier.

If you, or someone you know has been approached or victimized by this energy-switch scam, alert your local precinct or the Queens District Attorney’s Office, the sources said.

Local police are also advising residents to deny access to Con Edison – or any other bills to “door-ringers” and other strangers who might steal personal information for criminal use.

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