2013-01-30 / Front Page

Police Warn iPod Users: Remain Alert When Temps Dip

By Liz Goff

Queens police officials are again urging iPhone users to remain alert use common sense when walking alone at night while plugged into the electronic music listening devices.

Officials are urging music lovers to avoid plugging their ears with iPods that prevent them from ‘staying alert to other people, traffic and other possibly dangerous conditions.”

“People have a tendency to get lost in the music,” police officials said. “Users tend to ignore their surroundings and all that is going on around them.”

Police officials are urging iPhone to users turn down the volume while walking, running or jogging during the remaining winter months when darkness comes early  – especially when they are on the street alone.

“It’s okay to listen to the music, but keep the volume low enough to hear what’s happening around you,” officials said. “Stay alert and stay safe. Remember, there is plenty of time to blast your tunes when you get home.”

Police said iPod users often think they are safer when walking alone at night in the winter because frigid temperatures keep thieves off the street.

“While it is true that crime takes a beating when temperatures turn frigid, people must remember that a majority of iPod thefts take place in the subway system, where thieves can warm themselves while seeking out a victim,” police said.

“Some of these guys even wait inside bodegas, supermarkets and other stores and shops, where they target and follow their victims to the street.”


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