2013-01-23 / Editorials

Saluting Our Medical Professionals

Queens is blessed with some of the greatest hospitals and healthcare providers in the country, Mount Sinai Queens, for example. In honor of our medical edition, this week’s Queens Gazette editorial is a thank you to the wonderful doctors and hospitals that provide lifesaving and enhancing care for individuals in our borough from every walk of life. Whatever specialty a patient requires, whether for a rare disease or the flu our doctors can provide professional treatment to help ease the discomfort or pain involved with any malady.

While it is clear that many of our facilities can use massive upgrading, we know that at the right time and in the right circumstances, this will come to fruition. One does not need to travel beyond our own borders to get world-class health care. In every area of Queens you can find a doctor who can treat or deal with your particular issue.

While we are technically underserved by most national standards in terms of the ratio of population to number of beds, we make the most of what we have because of the ingenuity and effectiveness of our medical providers.

Queens, being the most ethnically diverse county in America, will obviously have some of the most diverse medical needs as well. Whether it’s Familial Mediterranean Fever or some other ethnically specific ailment, we are sure to have it in Queens as we have someone from every part of the planet living here.

It is for all of the above reasons that we say thank you to our doctors, nurses, hospitals, healthcare providers and medical facilities from one end of Queens to the other.

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