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Letters To Santa

By Liz Goff

Nothing is quite like the look of pure joy on the faces of children on Christmas morning. Waking early, kids race to see what surprises Santa has left beneath the tree.

Youngsters have many ways to communicate with Santa these days - by mail, by phone, or via the Internet.

If you, or a special child in your life is planning to write to Santa in the traditional way, just send the letter and a list of toys in a stamped envelope to Santa Claus, North Pole, US Postal officials are guaranteeing that all letters will reach Santa in plenty of time for his elves to fill Christmas lists. For a list of additional ways to reach Santa, visit www.VisitSantaClaus.com.

For the past 25 years the Flushing Post Office has been serving as a special carrier for kids whose Christmas wishes are harder to fill.

Each December, legions of “elves” arrive at the Flushing Post Office to sort through letters sent to Santa by less fortunate youngsters. The “elves” choose a favorite letter and adopt a child, then spend their time and cash to make that child’s Christmas wishes come true.

If you would like to play Santa for a deserving child, visit the Flushing Post Office at 41-05 Main Street, or call 718-321-6814 for further information.


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