2012-12-12 / Editorials

Better Days Ahead

Leading a country to the edge of a precipice, or in this case, a Fiscal Cliff, is ultimately ruinous to a nation. We abhor all the fighting, threats and brinkmanship being bandied about on a national level, as we as Americans feel strung along and held hostage by an out-of-control national political process. While we respect and admire the negotations and debates that our two parties are engaging in with each and every decision and policy, it is not necessary to have all of America feel that there may not be a tomorrow. Instead, we subscribe to a thought process that predicts that America’s best days are still ahead of us and that the dawning of each new day will bring us a better, stronger, greater United States. The insecurity and uncertainty that is fostered through the very image of falling off a fiscal cliff makes us wonder what our future holds. Teetering on the edge with near-certain death upon us is not a vision that we want to share, especially during the holiday season. We urge our president, our senators and our congressmembers to find a solution, not just for today, not just for this fiscal cliff, but for any future financial calamities that we might face. We believe that this kind of political rhetoric is the wrong tone and message for our country. We can and will do better, but we must get past this point in history and focus once again on our greatest asset… the American people.

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