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Vitality & Heath Natural Market

By Teresa Barile

“Eat healthy, live happy”, is the motto of the newly expanded and improved Vitality & Health Natural Market. This is Astoria’s place for cold-pressed juices, vitamins, organic produce, groceries and so much more. I’ve been a loyal customer since day one, about five years ago when the tiny shop and eatery was jammed with wonderful food and customers. John Sierros is a hands-on owner who saw an opportunity when the corner building became available, allowing him to expand to an impressive 5,000 square feet of good health and eating at Astoria organic market, located on Broadway and 46th Street, just outside the R train stop.

The expansion doubled the size of the market to include a greatly expanded fruit and produce department from which Vitality & Health Natural Market is proud to be Astoria’s cold-pressed juice maker. The cold-press process allows all the natural vitamins and minerals to remain in the juice for maximum health benefits. These delicious, coldpressed juices are bottled on site, keep for seven days in the fridge, and aid your health in a number of ways including boosting your immune system, cleansing the body of toxins, clearing the skin, and more. All I know is that they taste delicious, as do the classic juices and smoothies made on the spot with milk or yogurt, wholesome, organic fruits and vegetables. I feel healthier already after just one sip! In addition, a huge selection of vitamins, herbs, and health drinks are on display in the expanded area. Fresh eggs are brought in from a Long Island farm and sold individually so yours will always be fresh. There are also organic, free range eggs by the dozen, a variety of milk and soy products, cheeses, organic meats, yogurt, frozen meals and a host of foods and drinks that are lactose and/or gluten-free. Indeed Vitality & Health Natural Market rivals the selection of some of the big chains, and their prices are lower, in many instances.

Vitality & Health Natural Market has an impressive hot buffet that features a variety of freshly prepared dishes, all made with organic ingredients and ready to take with you on your way home. House made soups such as vegetarian lentil, chicken noodle, and tomato vegetable are available every day, as well as the chef’s special soups. This time

I tried the stuffed peppers filled with savory ground beef, topped with zesty tomato sauce and melted cheese. Delicate fillets of flounder were stuffed with vegetables, topped with a lemony sauce that was just right over brown or white rice. I often take home their honey barbecue chicken and pile on some steamed vegetables, baked sweet potatoes and a selection from the cold salad bar. Fresh grilled vegetables, black-eyed pea salad, whole wheat pasta salad, roasted beets, chickpea salad, whole wheat orzo salad, and many more are on hand with variations each day to satisfy the steady customers.

The sparkling clean display cases show dozens of tantalizing panini, wraps, and sandwiches. Decide among their tempting wraps which include spicy Buffalo chicken, balsamic chicken, veggie wraps, Caesar chicken wrap, spinach and feta cheese wrap and more. Sandwiches are constructed on multi-grain rolls, olive bread or rosemary bread and most come in both regular size and mini size. These tasty sandwiches are composed of turkey and Swiss cheese, salami, grilled vegetables, goat cheese, vegan mozzarella and more. You can have your sandwich toasted if you like or take it to go. The organic beef, turkey and veggie burgers are cooked on the spot and taste great.

Vitality & Health Natural Market has also expanded its eating areas. With WiFi throughout, you can now eat in the original location, in the new addition on hefty benches and counters, and even outside on the newly-built picnic table. Soon, you’ll be able to dine in the garden they’re planning, and order for delivery to your home or office. Stay tuned and check their Web site for news and specials.

Further into Vitality & Health Natural Market, an entire supermarket of healthy foods and products awaits you. Get your staples here such as cereal, rice, pasta, canned beans, pancake mix, baby food, teas, coffees, spices, loaves of fresh baked bread, English muffins, nuts, dried fruit….even beer!. Take care of the outside of your body too with natural health and beauty products including soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, creams, lotions and more. Organic pet food and eco-friendly cleaning products are available too, at reasonable prices.

They’ve got sweets too including cheesecake, chocolate cake, peanut butter vegan pudding, mini cakes, brownies, homemade muffins, chocolate chip cookies, baklava and more. Grab a free-trade robust coffee, espresso, or cappuccino served hot or cold any time of day.

The staff, led by Tommy, the amiable manager, is friendly and very courteous. Coming here is a very pleasurable and delicious experience. Vitality & Health Natural Market is open seven days a week from 6:30am to 11:00pm weekdays and from 7:30am to 11:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Breakfast is served every day so eat in or take a freshly made egg sandwich or muffin on your way to work with you as you jump on the R train. Visit Astoria’s best organic market offering cold-pressed juices, vitamins, produce, hot and cold buffet, groceries and a whole lot more to help you “eat healthy, live happy.” To your good health!

46-03 Broadway  Astoria

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