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Roosevelt Elk Calf Debuts At Wildlife Conservation Society’s Queens Zoo

A Roosevelt elk at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Queens Zoo peeks out from behind a tree.

A Roosevelt elk calf was born at the Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows in July. The male calf, born to mother Olympia, is the first Roosevelt elk calf to be born at the zoo since 2003.

Mother and calf live on the zoo’s plains with four other Roosevelt elk.

Roosevelt elk are the largest sub-species of elk and are one of the largest-bodied animals in North America. They have distinctive coats with a dark brown head and pale brown torso.

Roosevelt elk live mostly in the forests of the American Pacific Northwest. Olympic National Park, located in Washington State, is home to a large population of the species.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s North America Program is at work protecting the landscapes where elk roam and providing them with safe passage. Researchers are working to locate the corridors used by elk and moose in seasonal migration across Highway 20 in Idaho. Animals have been fitted with GPS collars and are being tracked by WCS field staff so that preferred highway crossing points can be identified and dangerous animal/vehicle collisions can be minimized—protecting both humans and wildlife.

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