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New Soda Ban Will Fizzle Out Big Drinks

Photo Dan Miller/DMDPhoto Dan Miller/DMDToday is a dark day for lovers of soft drinks and big gulps everywhere.

Even venti frappuccinos.

Earlier this afternoon, the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene approved Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on large, sugar-infused beverages. The vote was cast at the organization's monthly meeting with nine members voting in favor and one abstention.

Under the new law, all restaurants, fast-food chains, delicatessens, movie theaters, sporting venues and pushcarts will be barred from selling sugar-sweetened drinks in cups larger than 16 ounces.

The new limitation will not apply, however, to drinks sold in grocery stores, diet sodas, most juice drinks or alcohol.

Dairy drinks containing more than 50 percent milk will also be allowed.

Despite outrage by deli and restaurant owners, Bloomberg argues the ban will be a big step in fighting obesity in the city.

Once approved, restaurants will have nine months to comply with the limits before facing $200 fines. Opponents say they will counter-respond with possible legal action.

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