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Halloran Opens Campaign Office In Glendale

Congressional candidate Dan Halloran has opened his campaign office in Glendale. Congressmember Bob Turner, former state Senators Frank Padavan and Serphin Maltese and Councilmember Eric Ulrich were on hand at the September 8 ceremony and gave Halloran emphatic endorsements. All four represent or represented parts of the diverse Queens district. Ulrich is running for state senate in the seat held by Maltese for 20 years. And Turner was elected to Congress last year in a heavily Democratic district that includes much of the new 6th District, where Halloran is currently campaigning. “This election is about three things: jobs, jobs and jobs. Our President went to a little soiree in Charlotte last week and didn’t mention jobs, because he can’t mention jobs. We created fewer jobs this month than the month before. We’re at over eight percent unemployment, higher in New York City. This country’s job growth is the core problem we have. We have put small businesses out of business, through ‘progressive’ taxation and bureaucratic regulation. This country has turned its back on job creators and said it’s the role of government to create jobs. There is a real problem when the people depend on the government for their jobs,” Halloran said. “Hope and change starts at home. We are going to fix things because we are not better off today than we were four years ago.” The campaign office is located at 71-21 Myrtle Ave.

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