2012-09-05 / Features

New Development Proposed For Hallets Point

New developments proposed for the Astoria waterfront are on the drawing board in an attempt to beautify the neighborhood, with high-rises, esplanades and shopping centers.

Alma Realty is looking to build 1,800 housing units on the East River waterfront.

Another development plan, the Astoria Cove project, which would be built along 26th Avenue, would include four towers and some low-rise buildings, as well as a promenade, stores, restaurants and a supermarket.

Also, a $1 billion development will be built in Hallets Point. Known as the Hallets Point project it would include seven residential buildings ranging from 20 to 40 stories with approximately 2,200 units, 20 percent of them set aside as affordable housing all under the auspices of the Lincoln Equities Group.

The City Council must approve the rezoning of the industrial area before any of the projects can move forward.

Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. weighed in on the two new developments saying, “These two projects will be good for Astoria and Queens but my concern is the possible problem of providing adequate public transportation for the sudden influx of people.”

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