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$1 Million Bail For Astorian In Weapons Cache Arrest


The arrest and weapons recovery was the result of a 114th Precinct investigation. The arrest and weapons recovery was the result of a 114th Precinct investigation. An Astoria man remains in custody this week on $1 million bail, after police found a cache of weapons – and more than 10,000 rounds of live ammunition in his apartment.

Michael Millazzo, 53, was taken into custody at 6:30 a.m. on August 31 after cops, armed with a search warrant, busted down his door and found a 9mm handgun, six high-capacity rifle magazines, 10,537 rounds of live ammunition, a Glock .40 caliber handgun, 16 air pistols, one 9mm firearm, seven tasers, 32 machetes, 60 knives of various sizes, 10 handcuffs, eight brass knuckles and more, police said.

Police were first called to the apartment on August 26, when neighbors reported shots fired in front of the building. Cops investigating the reports identified Millazzo through video surveillance, police sources said.

Neighbors expressed relief at Millazzo’s arrest, saying they lived in fear of what he was capable of doing.

“We were all scared that one day he would snap and come blazing out of the apartment, guns in hand,” a neighbor said. “We’ve been terrified that he would kill us all.”

A 45-year-old man who lives nearby said Millazzo was always strange. “I’ve lived near him for 10 years now, and believe me, he is a real sicko.”

Millazzo was charged with dozens of counts of criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment and criminal use of a firearm.

Law enforcement sources said this was not the first time Millazzo was arrested for possessing illegal weapons.

Millazzo was busted in 2004, after an anonymous tipster called 911 and said he had a stash of guns at the Astoria apartment. Millazzo was arrested and charged with weapons possession after police seized five rifles and one handgun during a search of the residence.

Millazzo, who remains in custody at Rikers Island, is facing 15 years in prison, if convicted.

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