2012-07-18 / Editorials

Safe Streets Before Smaller Sized Drinks

This summer promises to offer a phenomenon not seen in recent years in Queens—a serious rise in crime rates. Many factors have contributed to this diminution in the quality of life in the borough.

The most troubling element in the crime surge is the decrease in the number of police officers whose work it is to contain it. The number of police on the streets, according to Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr., is close to 35,000 officers, highly reminiscent of the “Safe Streets” days before 2001.

However well trained, astute, observant and attentive officers may be on a police force, if the number falls below a certain point, law enforcement turns into an uphill battle with the odds very much against the good guys. No city can be safe if there are simply too few police on the streets.

Without a police force of a size to make its presence felt and effective, however, all the dietary regulations in the world are useless. We call on the mayor to bring back the size of the police force to at least 38,000 officers, and possibly more. If the streets are not safe to walk down, it matters not what anyone eats, drinks, smokes or wears. Bring back our police— then we can talk about calories.

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