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Turner Announces Bill To Honor Former Senator Buckley

Congressmember Bob Turner is working on a bill to honor former state senator and wildlife refuge center advocate James L. Buckley. Turner announced the proposed legislation today at a press conference in front of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, which would be renamed to honor Buckley. “Today, I would like to announce that I plan to introduce a piece of legislation that will honor a man who was pivotal in making this park a reality, former New York state Senator James L. Buckley, by naming the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center the ‘James L. Buckley Visitor Center’,” Turner said. “Senator Buckley was a proud American and a true public servant, serving at the highest levels in all three branches of government, as well as the United States Navy.” Following his election to the Senate in 1970, Buckley spent his first days working with U.S. Senator Jacob Javits on the legislation that would create Gateway, a more than 26,000-acre area in three boroughs that stretches all the way to Sandy Hook, New Jersey. This year, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary, Gateway welcomes more than eight million visitors annually. Buckley was committed to wildlife protection, in particular protecting the 325 species of birds that fly through the area as part of the Atlantic Migratory Flyway. Buckley’s children said they are honored by the proposing of such a tribute.

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