2012-06-20 / Front Page

Stiffer Charges For Domestic Abusers

Governor Andrew Cuomo this week announced a deal with state legislators to increase charges for repeat domestic abusers.
Under the deal, any person convicted more than once on misdemeanor domestic violence-related charges in a five-year period would face new felony charges punishable by up to four years in prison.
“With domestic violence remaining a major problem here in New York and across the nation, our state must continue to lead in strengthening laws to better protect victims and crack down on offenders who cause harm in their families,” Cuomo said.
The deal would require judges to consider different risk factors when setting bail for anyone accused of domestic violence–like access to firearms, previous domestic violence arrests and previous violations.
It will also make it easier for domestic violence victims to keep their whereabouts secret from their abusers and it would stop abusers from taking control of victims’ remains.
The state legislature is expected to pass the measure before its annual session ends on June 21.
—Liz Goff

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