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Giant Wreck Sparks DWI Enforcement


Giants linebacker David Diehl’s appearance in Astoria last weekend was a real smash.
Diehl entered a no plea at his June 11 arraignment in Queens Criminal Court on drunk driving charges.
Police sources said the 304-pound Diehl was so intoxicated when he got behind the wheel of his BMW on June 10 that “he could hardly talk”. Sources said Diehl “slurred his words” when police tried to question him. “He couldn’t walk, the cops had to hold him up.”
Moments after Diehl got behind the wheel of his black BMW, he crashed into three parked cars.
Prosecutors said at Diehl’s arraignment that he had consumed more than twice the legal limit of alcohol before he got behind the wheel of his BMW.
Diehl was released without bail at his arraignment where a Queens judge suspended his New York state driving privileges. He faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.
Diehl’s arrest has led to increased DWI enforcement by police in Western Queens, police sources said.
“Police officials are taking this whole thing very seriously,” the sources said. “They don’t want people to take it lightly just because he’s a well known sports figure.”
The ramped up enforcement is in addition to the NYPD’s summer zero tolerance crackdown, the sources said.
Motorists caught driving under the influence will not simply receive a summons, the sources said. “Get caught driving drunk and be prepared to go to jail,” they said. “You will be put through the system and released only after you see a judge.”
The enforcement is designed to crack down on “weekend warriors” who head to local clubs and beer gardens where they drink too much and think they can drive.
The increased enforcement will continue through Labor Day, police said.

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