2012-06-20 / Features

Van Bramer, LIC Residents To LIRR: ‘End The Noise’

On June 15, Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer joined local community leaders and the residents of Borden Avenue in calling on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to stop excessive noise produced by idling LIRR trains at various hours throughout the day. In an effort to alleviate the issue for local residents, Van Bramer is requesting the LIRR reduce the amount of time the train engines are kept idling as well as looking into devising a system by which the trains can be moved further away from the residential development.

The councilmember is also requesting the LIRR look into developing a permanent solution to address the persistent noise pollution as additional residential properties continue emerge in the vicinity of the train yard.

“The residents of Borden Avenue deserve their own personal share of peace and tranquility after a hard day’s work just like every other New Yorker,” said Van Bramer. “We need solutions that will improve their quality of life. The LIRR has addressed this issue before and needs to once again. I look forward to working with the LIRR on keeping Long Island City one of New York City’s premier neighborhoods.”

During the past decade, Long Island City has seen a gradual increase of residential property develop. As the neighborhood continues to experience growth, there is a need for city agencies to adapt to the changing environment.

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