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Nicollette, Anthony,Phillip &Friends

Nicollette, Anthony and Phillip are now young adults, but we are reprinting a few of the columns from the Gazette archives for our pleasure and we hope yours. Hi everybody,

If you ever get bored playing with your toys and your sister and brother won’t let you play with theirs, there are two places I know to go to where you can play with some neat stuff. The dentist and the doctor. There are all sorts of things for kids to play with. There are even books to look at and read.

At the doctor’s, after he and the nurse get through looking in my ears and mouth and putting cold metal thingies on my chest and poking and sticking me with pointy things, I get a lollipop, sometimes I even get two. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s a fair trade off.

At the dentist’s I don’t get any lollipops, I get a new toothbrush or sometimes a balloon. They’re not as good as lollipops but it’s the only place I get to spit and get away with it.

Love, Phillip, Nicollette and Anthony.

• • • Hi everybody,

I went camping. At first I thought it would be kinda scary, you know like the Wizard of Oz with a twist, “lions and tigers and bugs, oh yuck!”, but it was really cool! We took a really long walk and looked for all sorts of different things. I found some neat things but the most I liked the best were rocks. And I found lots of them!

I didn’t know just how many shapes and sizes rocks came in. If you look at them really close they look like things you see all around you, you know animals and people. And some are smooth and some are rough. Some have points and some don’t. They even have different colors. I tried being scientific like the big kids, so I thought I ‘d give them a taste test. Got yelled at for that one, even after I washed them.

I put a few of them in my pockets. I ran out of room there really fast. I tried putting one or two in my shoe, but that kinda makes it hard to walk. I thought I could carry them in my hands, but that didn’t work out too well. How can you pick up new rocks when you’re already carrying some?

I sat down on, yeah you guessed it, on a rock to have a drink of water to try and figure out how I could carry more than I already had. It was really simple. My back pack! I didn’t really need my own bottle of water. Somebody else is always willing to give a little kid a drink when they’re thirsty, so I tossed it out and there it was, a whole sack to put my rocks in. And I figured if it got to heavy to carry there was always daddy to carry it. Being little does have it’s advantages some times, doesn’t it!

My backpack was full and it was almost time to go home when I found it, you know, the one you just gotta have. It was a super rock, nice and big and round. A mega rock! Daddy said something about blasting caps and a semi. Didn’t understand that, all I knew was that I just had to have that rock. I’m still waiting for the truck to deliver it. Next time we go camping I think I like to go to that place with the really big rock with the faces of people on it. That would make a nice addition to my collection.

Love, Phillip, Nicollette and Anthony.

• • • Hi everybody,

You know two of my most favorite things to do?

Read books and color pictures. I like to draw and then color in what I draw.

Who would think that coloring and drawing pictures could get a kid into trouble? I didn’t, but I was wrong.

I have a nice box of crayons and was looking for a book to color in. I don’t really like the books that are made to color in, the paper rips if you press too hard. So I was looking around for something that has stronger paper. Nica has school books full of paper, but last time I colored in them I wasn’t allowed in her room for a week. So I didn’t go there (I’ll wait a week or two to do that again). I figured that with all the books we have around the house I could find something. I found pay dirt! All sorts of books and not one of them had a picture in them either! I figured that I could have some fun and make everyone happy at the same time. Books with pictures are a lot nicer to look at just plain old words.

There was one book that daddy was reading and I remember him saying something about ways and means. Mean isn’t nice, so I drew some smiley faces in the book. Not too many, just a few. And then I saw mommy’s book and remembered that she told daddy her book was dry. So I drew pictures of water on some of the pages. Geeze you’d think they would have been a little happier with pretty pictures in their books. What’s the difference if it’s in their books or mine? I guess a lot of difference the way they carried on. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to look somewhere else to draw and color. Maybe daddy’s briefcase....

Love, Phillip, Nicollette and Anthony.

• • • Hi everybody,

Today is the day that everybody votes for a new president and all sorts of people for jobs that I can’t even pronounce yet, let alone spell. I know cause I heard Nica and Anthony talking to mommy and daddy about stuff they’re learning in school. You get to vote for people so you can get stuff you need done, or for stuff you want. We get to vote cause we live in a dem somethingor other. I heard them say that’s when people are allowed to choose what they want in their country and that it’s not like that everywhere.

I don’t know where they are, but it’s not our house!

Well....if our country is a dem somethingor other I say our house should be one too!

Let’s vote and let’s vote now!

I vote for more cookies. I vote for more cake. I vote for more candy. I vote for going to bed when I want, not when mommy and daddy want. I vote for taking a bath...never. You only get dirty again anyway and I vote for not picking up my toys before I go to bed ‘cause I play with them again tomorrow don’t I?

Daddy said that you get what you want when the most people vote for it. I just looked around, there’s Nica, there’s Anthony and there’s me and there’s mommy and daddy. That makes more of us than them.

Again I say, let’s vote!

• • • Hello everybody,

First of all we would like to wish all the mommies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day, especially our mommy and grandmas, then I’d like to tell you about a conversation (good word!) I had with our friend Jessica.

We were talking about exercise and sports and Jessica mentioned how she’s in training for the Baby Olympics. I remember when I was in training for that and asked what events are her favorites.

The Cheerio Crunch is one she’s trying out for. The object of this event is to step on as many Cheerios as you can before the adult can sweep them up off the floor. The baby who crushes the most wins the event.

Another event that Jess, her friends call her Jess, is looking to enter is Tush-ups. This event requires that you bounce your bottom up and down as fast as you can on a slightly, or not so slightly, soiled diaper before the adult can get it out from under you. The baby that creates the most mess (dirty laundry, used baby wipes, etc.), comes in first.

One event she would like to qualify for is the Telephone Takeover. You grab the telephone, adult’s phone naturally, and touch as many numbers as fast as you can, listen for the voice that sounds the most foreign and hang up. Continue doing this until the adult catches you. Baby who makes the most calls before the adult takes the phone away wins.

Jess said that her favorite event is the Remote Relay. Here you take the T.V. remote when no one is looking, press volume and channel select at the same time, wait and see just how high you make the adult jump and then you run as fast as you can down the hallway, assuming that the adult is chasing you at this point, run around the dining room table, back down the hallway into the living room, then deposit the remote on the floor before the adult can catch up with you! The baby with the most exhausted adult takes the gold. Good luck in the tryouts, Jess!

Love, Phillip, Nicollette and Anthony.

• • • Hello everybody,

Sorry we haven’t written in a while but we’re soooo busy! School, school, school and stuff, stuff, stuff. It’s almost Thanksgiving and we didn’t even tell you about Halloween. I went as Uncle Sam. Not my uncle Sam, but America’s Uncle Sam. Nica was an all American cheerleader and Anthony was George Bush, you know our president. Guess you could call us an all American family.

Had a lot of fun and got a whole lot of treats. Wanted to give out a few tricks, but Nica wouldn’t let me. She’s almost as bad as mom and dad!

I was talking with my friend J.T. and asked her how she did for Halloween. She said she had fun dressing up as Tigger (she loves to bounce), but said she didn’t have that much fun. She said what’s the point of going out for candy if you’re not allowed to have any? I can agree with that one. Can’t keep much of what I get either. But there are ways to stash some. So I gave her a few pointers.

1. Hide some in your drawers, under the socks way in the back.

2. Hide some way on the bottom of the toy box. Just try not to fall in, especially if your little.

3. Hide some in the far corner of your closet.

Just don’t put any under the mattress. Got caught doing that one. I mean really caught, the mattress fell on my head!

Love Phillip, Nicollette and Anthony

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