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New Subway Link Promised To Alleviate Congestion

t was the Jan. 2, 1985 issue of the Gazette that informed readers about a new subway link between Manhattan and Long Island City. The plan called for the existing track to be extended 520 feet from 29th Street and 41st Avenue to Northern Boulevard and Honeywell Street where it would connect with the present N and GG lines. Additional plans called for a 300-foot underground pedestrian passageway built between the Court Square GG local station and the 23rd Street-Ely Avenue station of the E and F lines.

A new line was planned, the K line, as a local route. It was to come from Manhattan through the 63rd Street tunnel via new stations at Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street and Roosevelt Island. Once in Queens it would enter the borough at another new station at 21st Street and 41st Avenue.

The project was designed in the hopes of relieving overcrowding on the E and F trains. It was determined that the number of riders would be reduced from 58,000 to 48,000.

Of the estimated $222 million about $136 million was to be used for the purchase of 136 additional subway cars.

Between 1995 and 2001, the 63rd Street subway line was connected to the Queens Boulevard corridor, and the LIRR tunnel was extended under 41st Avenue in Queens to the westside of Northern Boulevard.–Jason D. Antos

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