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Ferraro Fought For Area Post Office

ongressmember Geraldine Ferraro was quick to reply in response to concerns from area residents after the USPS proposed that the

Bulova corporate building near the Grand Central Parkway serve as the new site of the Woolsey Post Office branch. Ferraro urged

Postmaster William Bolger to seek a permanent location for the branch which was formerly located at 21-19 31st St. in Astoria but was destroyed in an explosion. The Feb. 15, 1984 Gazette featured the story after numerous delays kept the Woolsey branch from re-opening. Councilmember Peter Vallone Sr. along with state Senator George Onorato and Assemblymember Denis Butler urged mail carriers to start work a half hour earlier because senior citizens were complaining about their mail, especially social security checks, arriving late.

On Aug. 25, 2010, Ferraro was recognized when the Long Island City Post Office was renamed in her honor after President Barack Obama signed legislation authorizing the name change.

The Post Office building is located at 46-02 21st St. and falls within the Congressional District that Ferraro represented in her six years in office. Ferraro was the first female to run as a vice presidential candidate on a national party ticket with presidential candidate Walter Mondale.

One of Ferraro’s first major issues as a congressmember was her campaign to get a separate postal ZIP Code (11385) for Glendale in response to constituent complaints about poor service.

–Jason D. Antos

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