2012-06-20 / Editorials

Gazette Goes On, 30 Years And Counting

As we celebrate 30 years of bringing this newspaper to you, our readers, we find ourselves thinking often about where we once were and how we got from there to here. For us, such reflection generates awe and overwhelming humility. We were once a four-page foldover; now we publish editions with page counts many times that number. Once we covered a relatively small area of Western Queens; now we print stories about people and events throughout the borough and well beyond. Our circulation department once consisted of a driver who left a bundle or two of each new edition in supermarkets, bank lobbies, senior centers and libraries for whoever came along and picked them up (we still do it that way and do not intend to stop); now our online circulation reaches readers around the globe. We have, indeed, come a long way, baby.

We, of course, did not make this journey from 1982 to 2012 alone. From the beginning, our readers let us know, sometimes forcefully, that they wanted the news we brought. If they thought we should cover something, they made certain we knew about whatever it was, and if they disagreed with the way we approached the subject, they so advised us in no uncertain terms. We note, happily, that if they thought we had covered something to their satisfaction, they also did not hesitate to tell us so. On balance, over the past 30 years, more readers have indicated they like what we do and the way we do it than those who object to what we covered and/or how we covered it, but we welcome constructive criticism, too. A little piece of sand or grit has to get into an oyster in order for a pearl to form and grow.

We have been joined on our journey by a number of people who have contributed their efforts to getting the paper on the street every Wednesday. Some have been with us from the beginning; some enlisted at various points; some left to pursue other endeavors, and some, of blessed memory, left us at the end of their own lives. We mourn their loss but rejoice in the gift of their talents and themselves with which they honored us. Every individual who has ever worked for the Queens Gazette, however long or briefly, has given a part of themselves to the newspaper that will last as long as the paper exists. We would not be where we are without their contributions, and we freely and gratefully acknowledge them. We also are thankful to have had the privilege of being part of this organization for however long we have numbered ourselves among the Gazette family. Whatever happens to the paper or to us, the best part of us will be here forever in these pages.

We also gratefully acknowledge our advertisers, many of whom have been with us from our first year of publication, for their part in our success. Their buying advertising space in our pages has enabled us to advise our readers about their products and services and provide invaluable information on many matters of immediate and long-range concern. Many business leaders have applauded us for the success they have achieved by advertising in the Gazette. We in our turn thank them for their assisting us in offering their customers, our readers, with merchandise and services of the highest quality and professional caliber. They, too, are part of our team and have accompanied us on our journey.

We look back on the past 30 years with awe, humility and gratitude and look forward to serving our readers for at least another three decades. We thank you for reading, relating and responding to the publication we have had the pleasure of bringing you. Wherever it leads, please continue the journey with us. We are, after all, together in this adventure known as life in the borough of Queens.

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