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Crowley: Homeless Vets To Get $72.6 M For Housing Help

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department is set to grant $72.6 million to public housing agencies throughout the nation to provide permanent housing and case management for more than 10,000 homeless veterans, it was announced by Congressmember Joseph Crowley (D–Queens/The Bronx).

The announcement was made jointly with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Crowley said, and as part of the huge grant, the New York City Veterans Administration is in line to receive $4.5 million to provide 400 new housing vouchers to help the city’s homeless vets.

“The fact that over 10,000 of our nation’s heroes are without a roof over their heads is a national tragedy and is just plain unacceptable,” said Crowley.

“I applaud President Obama and his administration for putting our veterans first and ensuring the brave men and women who serve our nation honorably will receive the help they need and deserve,” Crowley continued.

Crowley said that while this grant is a fine start in helping the 2,000 homeless vets in New York City, “there is much more that needs to be done”.

The lawmaker pledged to eliminate the words homeless veteran from our vocabulary once and for all. He said he would continue to work hard to ensure we meet the needs of our veterans.

Crowley said that the funds designated for New York City will be divided between two VA hospitals, the James J. Peters VAMC in The Bronx, and the New York Harbor HCS in Manhattan.

The two medical centers provide support services and case management to thousands of area veterans, Crowley said.

The lawmaker has been a staunch advocate for New York’s veterans in addition to long supporting efforts to provide much-needed assistance to homeless veterans. Crowley is also supporting expanding benefits and enhancing services for veterans and efforts to help put veterans back to work.

Recently, Crowley said, he worked with the VA and veterans’ groups to help stop the transfer of land to private developers at St. Albans Community Living Center in Jamaica. This ensured that the property would remain for the sole use of veterans. Working with the Queens American Legion, Crowley helped to provide funding and support for state-of-theart traumatic brain injury, or TBI research, a top health concern for veterans returning home from combat.

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