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FBI Citizen’s Team Distributes DNA I.D. Kits To Families

By Dan Miller, Ph.D.

Photos Victoria Canore/DMD IMAGES
FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni Team preparing for DNA I.D. Kit distribution at Rego Park MallPhotos Victoria Canore/DMD IMAGES FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni Team preparing for DNA I.D. Kit distribution at Rego Park MallOn March 24, more than 2,000 FBI DNA I.D. Kits were distributed to Queens families at the Rego Park Mall located at 61-35 Junction Blvd.

The kits were given out by members of the FBI’s New York Office of the Citizen’s Academy Alumni Team (NYO CAAT) . The purpose of the distribution was to alert parents to the dangers of their children being kidnapped and to prepare important information for law enforcement in the event it happens to them.

 Hundreds of thousands of children go missing every year. It is important for parents to be prepared if it ever happens to them. The DNA I.D. Kits contain a list of information that a parent should save in the event their child ever went missing:

1. Current Photo, 2. Personal Information, 3. Medical Information, 4. Detailed Physical Description, including Birthmark and Scar Chart, 5. Fingerprint Chart, 6. DNA Sample.

“I was proud and honored to work alongside you,” Financial advisor, former president of the FBI New York Citizen’s Academy and one of the event organizers Robert Schnell said, as he thanked the volunteers for helping with the DNA I.D. Kit distribution.

Schnell further stated, “This is what the FBI NYO CAAT is all about, leadership through volunteerism and example to make our communities a safer place to live, work and raise families.”  The FBI Citizen’s Academy is a special training program offered by the FBI in different cities throughout the United States. Its purpose is to train community leaders, clergy and members of the media to better understand the work done by the FBI and to volunteer their services, assisting law enforcement in making America a safer place to raise a family, work, play and live.

The FBI CAAT volunteers who helped make this event a success included: Marta Lebreton, Nassau County Commissioner of Human Rights Malik Nadeem Abid, George Samara, Turkish Cultural Center Vice President NY Mehmet Kilic, Controller Rasheena Wilson, Communications Manager Marlon Laing, Agriculture Specialist Lee Lawrence, Executive Secretary Bobbi Mitchell, retired U.S. Army Combat Veteran Luis Lopez, retired USAF Serviceman Robert Taylor, Executive Director United Senior Center Grisel Amador, Schnell, Producer Dr. Dan Miller.

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