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Internet Security, Networking Discussed At Sunnyside Chamber


Neil Levin, the first of two online experts who spoke at the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting at Dazies Restaurant on March 13, told the audience that he has run his company, Webline Design in Long Island City, since 1995 and has had more than 700 projects, many of which he has had to scout by attending meetings where he believed persons interested in starting or improving a Web site might be in attendance, and networking until he found them. He can work a room tirelessly, he said, but the hit-and-miss nature of it all has had him wishing for something to ease the process. An application his partner and son Steve came up with recently has fulfilled his wish. His son, he said, has always been something other than an idea man, but on this occasion developed a great idea: an app, ultimately called HereMatch, on which you can list your services and services you might need. At meetings, you can refer to the app and see who in the room could be a match in any way for you, he said. If you advertise yourself as, say, the guy in the black turtleneck standing by the potted palm, those interested in doing business will be over to introduce themselves. HereMatch can be downloaded for free and is currently available on iPads and iPhones and is soon to be expanded to Android phones.

Levin asked anyone at Dazies having an iPad or iPhone to download the app, adding that he hopes everyone everywhere will have it downloaded soon. He said he was taking it to the borough sponsored Trade Brooklyn show the following week, having apprised Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz of its wonders. He said Markowitz is excited about it, telling him, “The more money you make, the more I take!” Another enthusiast, a Constant Contact woman, was won over immediately.

The second speaker at the luncheon, Stephen Leipold, described himself as an “ethical hacker” who as a professional is able to do the tricks he warns about. He tells people of malefactors who are intent on raiding the privacy of their credit cards or any other electronically controlled devices they may have. He used terms such as “shoulder surfing”, “footprinting” and “spoofing” to describe the information trawls these thieves can conduct, sometimes simply after overhearing what an intended victim is saying to someone in a store or at a ticket counter. He spoke of online schemes that seem never to get old, such as chain letters and which, in addition to often bilking people, pass viruses further into the system.

108th Police Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Donald Powers surveyed the local crime scene. Powers told the group that in the year thus far, index crimes are down slightly, 238 against 240 for the same period in 2011. Dorothy Morehead, a real estate broker at 45-18 Skillman Ave., inquired about tire thefts; Powers acknowledged there had been a few lately, including one the night before in Long Island City. Powers departed after issuing another warning about handling mobile phones in public, where predators await, ready to snatch and run with the devices as soon as they are given the opportunity.

Mark Wilensky announced that the Boys & Girls Club’s second annual Recognized Leaders Fundraiser will take place Saturday, May 19 from 7 to 11 p.m. at St. Raphael’s School gymnasium, 48-25 37th St. Frances Schmidt, Sister Maureen Ahlemeyer, Carol Masiello and Gert McDonald will be honored. Ticket information is available by calling Wilensky at 917-670-5666.

Other events scheduled include the Lions Club Easter party for children on Saturday, March 24. For more information, call Sunnyside-Woodside Lions Club at 718-784-8437. The Queens County Market is staging a farmers’ market Saturday, April 14 at Sunnyside Community Services, 43-31 39th St. On the following Thursday, April 19, from 3 to 6 p.m., also at Sunnyside Community Services, the Sunnyside Chamber will honor its volunteers.

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