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Astoria Gunman Confesses


Law enforcement sources said the crazed husband who shot and killed his stepdaughter and critically wounded his estranged wife at their Astoria home on December 5 opened up to investigators during questioning by detectives.

“He said he went to the house and confronted his wife about her call to police in 2009 that sent him to jail for aggravated harassment,” the sources said. “He couldn’t stop making fun of her, calling her ‘Green Card’”, the sources said.

Olga Annarumma told police in 2009, that her husband, Guerino Annarumma, had threatened her life after she kicked him out of their home, the sources said.

Law enforcement sources said Guerino, who worked for the city Housing Authority, told detectives he  “Slid up behind Olga while she was walking the family dog on the morning of the shootings. He was very angry about the divorce trial that was supposed to start later that day.”

Neighbors said Guerino had a history of violent attacks against Olga. “The guy would punch her until she fell to the ground and then kick her over and over again,” a neighbor said after the shootings. “He had no conscience. He did it right in the middle of the street where everybody could see.”

Following his arrest on December 5, Guerino told detectives that Olga only “made him madder”, when she said she hadn’t called police in 2009.

Guerino told detectives Olga “didn’t give a damn” what she did to (him). “I had the gun in my hand and told her we were going back to the house. She didn’t want to go, but I grabbed her and dragged her back there,” Guerino said.

Police and prosecutors said Guerino found the .38-caliber handgun he used in the shootings in a trash bin at the Pomonok Houses in Flushing, where he worked as a janitor.

Guerino told investigators that his stepdaughter, Valeria Lowery, 32, answered the door when he and Olga rang the bell at the house on the morning of the shootings. When Valeria let them in, Guerino carried out his threat to hurt the women.

Guerino told detectives he pushed Valeria to the floor and just started shooting.

“Once I started shooting I couldn’t stop,” Guerino said. “Olga was already on the floor and I shot her, too. After I shot them I put the gun in my pocket and walked out the door and to my car.”

Olga Annarumma, 57, remains in very critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital Center where doctors performed surgery to remove bullet fragments from her brain. Valeria Lowery was shot four times in the torso and head, police said.  The young Russian émigré died from her wounds on the night of the shootings.

Guerino was denied bail and he remains at Riker’s Island on first-degree murder and other felony charges.


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