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No Bail For Hate-Blogging Killer

By Liz Goff

The enraged Queens husband who opened fire on his estranged wife and stepdaughter at their Astoria home on Monday morning was held without bail at his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court, where he was charged with second degree murder, second degree attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.
Guerino Annarumma, 52, entered the home at 22-39 38th St. at about 8:50 a.m. and allegedly opened fire, shooting his wife, Olga Annarumma, 57, once in the head and blasting stepdaughter, Valeria Kuzima Lowery, 25, four times, with one to the head.
Both women were rushed to Elmhurst Hospital Center in critical condition. Lowery died of her wounds on Monday evening. Annarumma is listed in critical condition but is expected to recover, a hospital spokesperson said.
Police responding to 911 calls found the mother and daughter sprawled in a pool of blood in a first-floor hallway at the two-story home where they shared a second floor apartment with the gunman’s 95-year-old mother, police sources said.
“It was scary, just scary,” neighbor Billy Saketos said. “I was walking my daughter to school and we heard two shots. Thank God she didn’t know what was happening.”
Detectives at the 114th Precinct Squad, the Queens Homicide Squad and Major Case Squad quickly put together the pieces and tracked down Guerino, arresting him at his apartment on 12th Street approximately two hours after the shootings.
Guerino was due to appear in court on December 8 on an earlier harassment charge brought by his wife, law enforcement sources said.
Neighbors who watched as the detectives walked a handcuffed Guerino from the apartment said, “He looked like a psycho, like he was bugged out on something.”
Olga had filed for divorce from Guerino on June 16, 2010, and the couple was due in court at 2 p.m. on the day of the shootings for a hearing on the divorce proceedings.
Annarumma’s attorney, Helen Sherman, told reporters she was on her way to court when she received a phone call about the shootings.
“I screamed,” Sherman said. “She was terrified of him. He did this because he didn’t want them to testify against him at the hearing.”
The couple met back in 2001, when Olga Annarumma worked as a caretaker for Guerino’s elderly aunt, law enforcement sources said. The pair wed in 2006 but the relationship soured and Annarumma kicked Guerino out of the house in 2009.
Guerino ranted in a series of online Blogs that Olga had used him in a scam marriage to get a green card.
“Remember Olga I am going to hurt you the way you hurt me because I have nothing to lose anymore,” Guerino wrote on June 28. On August 12, he Blogged, “You are going to pay for whatever you did. I don’t play no games. Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye.”
Neighbors expressed shock at the shootings, but said the couple fought constantly before Guerino was kicked out of the house.
“He would always hit her, really hard,” one neighbor said. “They would stand in the street and he would smack her.”
Neighbors said Guerino had stalked his estranged wife on a daily basis, ever since he moved out.
“He would park his car on the corner or stand there, waiting to see if any men went into the house,” the neighbor said. “Nothing stopped him. One time she shouted at him, told him she had an Order of Protection against him, but he still stood at the corner every day, harassing her,” the woman said. “It was horrible.”
Neighbors told police Guerino openly declared over the last few weeks that he was out for blood.
“He said he was going to kill his wife and her daughter, because Valeria was to blame for the divorce,” neighbors said. “He said everything was fine until his stepdaughter arrived here from Russia.”
Guerino ranted at the young woman in a July 29 Blog, “Remember Valeria I’m your stepfather Guerino whatever you did you and your mother ‘till I die I’m going to stop you destroyed my dream, I will destroy you mentally.
“We bought a house trailer in Pennsylvania me and your mother for when we retire, we were supposed to have a good time,” Guerino wrote. “But you destroyed everything, my life and my reputation. You are going to pay for whatever you did. I don’t play no games.”
In another Blog to his wife, Guerino ranted, “You got me arrested for nothing, ruined my reputation and broke my heart. God will make you pay. Remember, Olga. I am going to hurt you the way you hurt me.”
Guerino alleged to neighbors that Valeria had played the same green card scam on other men.
Annarumma obtained several Orders of Protection against her husband, law enforcement sources said. “The latest expired in March, and she was planning to serve him with a new Order of Protection on the day of the shootings,” the sources said.
Police sources said Guerino used a revolver to shoot the two women but cops were unable to recover the weapon in a search of the 12th Street apartment.

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