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Salvatore Polizzi To Represent Queens In 2011 Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge

By Karla Montalvo

This year Salvatore Polizzi has been chosen to represent Queens in the 2011 Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge that will take place on November 6. Salvatore will be participating to run in high hopes to raise money for patients battling against cancer. He will be competing against Rob Vassilarakis from The Bronx, Andrew Rausa from Brooklyn, Michele King Gonzalez from Staten Island and Elizabeth Maiuolo from Manhattan.

The ING New York City Marathon is one of the world’s greatest road races that draw more than 100,000 applicants yearly. This year the Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge has found five individuals that have overcome difficult struggles in their life by running. Friends and family members will cheer on the participants as they run a total of 13.1 miles together, and then are free to finish the race by themselves. The winner will be awarded a Tiffany & Co. trophy and a $1,000 dSalvatore Polizzi, 31, of Ridgewood.Salvatore Polizzi, 31, of Ridgewood.onation to the charity of their choice.

Salvatore is excited, honored and nervous as this years Queens representative. The story of how he has managed to be where he is today is truly an inspiration. When Salvatore was 14 years old he was hit by a car and shattered his left ankle. Doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to run, walk, or play sports the way he used to, but his accident didn’t hold him back. A year later Salvatore was determined to run again as he started physical therapy. His results were shocking. Salvatore signed up for the track team and other sports in school without having any problems in his left ankle.
Although his accident was a challenge for him at a young age, it didn’t compare to the challenge of finding out his mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009. Prier to that, his ex-girlfriend’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but his awareness of how serious the situation was didn’t hit him until his mother was rushed to the hospital one day for severe bleeding. For far too long Salvatore felt like he was sitting on the side lines watching this happen, and so began his true inspiration for running. In 2009, Salvatore ran in a fundraising program for Fred’s Team that helped raise money and support for his mother and his ex-girlfriend’s mother. Salvatore Polizzi, in the ING Marathon.Salvatore Polizzi, in the ING Marathon.

This year, Salvatore hopes to raise funds and awareness in finding the cure for cancer. “The most challenging thing to do now is ask for money in this economy, but my heart goes out to everybody that can help because every little bit counts”. He believes that “one day somebody will walk into a hospital and be diagnosed with cancer and not have to worry because there will be a cure”. Salvatore’s goal is to raise $10,000 and is grateful that businesses have set up donation boxes to help him reach his goal.

Right now Salvatore is running around with a full, busy schedule. He has been training for almost eight months, running 40 minuets in the morning and two hours at night and maintains a full time job at his family’s restaurant.

To help make a donation, visit http://mskcc.convio.net/site/TR/FredsTeamEvents/Freds_Team?px=1961618&pg....

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