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Rego Park Author Pens An Ode To ‘Doggies’


What Is It About Doggies?
Written and Illustrated by
Elizabeth G. Uhlig
Marble House Editions, paperback,
36 pages
ISBN 978-0-9834030-0-5

W hat is it about doggies? Why do we love them so? Why do we want to pet them? Does anybody know?

This is the opening line from Elizabeth Uhlig’s delightful children’s book, What Is It About Doggies?

The newly released 32-page illustrated celebration for children ages five through 10 explores our love affair with man’s best friend with the use of tasteful illustrations (also drawn by Uhlig).

Written with use of rhyming poems as a tribute to the many dogs in her neighborhood, this softcover book expresses Uhlig’s affection and appreciation for dogs everywhere.

An interesting aspect of the book is that Uhlig not only depicts the diversity of dogs and the many pleasures that their human owners derive from them, but also the diversity of her Rego Park neighborhood as well making her drawings a complex tapestry to express the simple joy of owning a dog.

What Is It About Doggies? is bound to make a great stocking stuffer this coming Christmas. Doggies is a valuable addition to any child’s bookshelf. Adults will also enjoy the rich illustrations. The book has a universal appeal for animal lovers around the world.

Ten percent of the profits will go to a variety of animal shelters in the metropolitan area.

Uhlig was raised in Queens and received her BA in foreign languages at McGill University. Uhlig also has a degree as a children’s librarian. It was this career that inspired her to begin her next career as an author and illustrator. She created her first book, Grandmother Mary (2001), which she published herself, thus creating her own publishing house, Marble House Editions. Grandmother Mary, which is a chronicle of her mother’s life, also includes the story of Uhlig’s childhood home, family and neighborhood.

The following books by Uhlig include Anna Pavlova, Jewel Of The Ballet (2003), Memoir Writing And Illustrating For Children And Teacher’s Guide (2003), The Whole World Is Dancing (2005), Rainwalk (2006), Children Just Like You (2007), I Want To Be (2008), Before We Met (2008) and I See America! (2009). She also published Beginner’s Greek (2003) and Beginner’s Greek with 2 Audio CDs (2006) with Hippocrene Books.

For more information and to purchase Uhlig’s books and selections from other authors who have published under her label, visit www.marble-house-editions.com/.

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