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Crowley Addresses Flooding On Edsall Avenue

Councilmember Elizabeth S. CrowleyCouncilmember Elizabeth S. CrowleyCouncilmember Elizabeth S. Crowley called upon the city Department of Environmental Protection to address the persistent street flooding along Edsall Avenue in Glendale by installing an additional catch basin on the street.

Crowley said, “As part of the Edsall Avenue cleanup project, it is important that we address the lack of proper drainage along this street. Another catch basin is a simple, yet critical fix that will improve the quality of life here and prevent health issues in the future.”

The street revitalization and beautification project that is currently underway between 71st Place and 73rd Place highlighted the need for increased drainage on both the north and south sides of the street. Currently, all five blocks drain into a single basin, consistently leading to standing water and puddles along the residential block.

During warm weather, standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In order to protect residents of Glendale from the nuisance and health hazards mosquitoes carry, it is critical that an additional catch basin be installed along Edsall Avenue.

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