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Airport Crime Watch


LaGuardia Airport
Georgia Man Busted

Port Authority police last week arrested a 54-year-old Georgia man at the check-in at LaGuardia Airport for illegally carrying two revolvers, authorities said.

Court records show Terry-Edward Randolph of Evans, Ga., declared the .22-caliber North American Arms and eight rounds of ammunition in a gun case on September 25.

When a US Airways clerk asked Randolph to show him a New York state pistol permit for the weapons, he claimed he was not aware he needed a permit, authorities said.

Randolph was charged with multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon at his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court.

JFK International Airport
Stunning Weapons Arrest

A 54-year-old Saudi man last month was arrested at JFK International Airport after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents spotted a stun gun and four other weapons in his checked luggage, law enforcement sources said.

Mohammed Hefni was arrested in a first-class lounge at JFK Airport after agents discovered the contraband in his luggage before he boarded his Saudi Airlines flight to Riyadh, the sources said.

TSA Agent Ann McLewd was the first to spot the outline of weapons inside a black bag Hefni checked at JFK Airport, authorities said. A check inside the luggage by TSA Agent Phillip Desayo revealed a working battery-powered electric stun gun, three electric stun buttons, an electric stun pen and a large can of pepper spray inside the bag, authorities said.

Hefni was arrested by Port Authority police and charged with multiple misdemeanor weapons counts, law enforcement sources said.

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