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$20M Job Training Aid For City’s Community Colleges


A federal grant of almost $20 million has been received by the City of New York’s community colleges to help them to train workers who want to change careers, a vital need during this extended period of high unemployment, Congressmember Carolyn Maloney (D–Queens/Manhattan) announced.

Eight community colleges throughout the city, including LaGuardia C.C. in Long Island City and Queensborough C.C. in Bayside, will receive some of the funding. Each college receiving funds must have at least one employer partner, Maloney explained, one who has jobs available and needs workers who must be trained to fill them.

Maloney stated, “Far too many New Yorkers are struggling in the aftermath of the Great Recession—so I am heartened that our community colleges will soon be getting $20 million in federal funding to help train New Yorkers who need to change careers.

“This grant will provide New Yorkers with industry-specific training and pathways to good jobs.”

Maloney thanked President Barack Obama and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis for delivering this much-needed funding to New York.

Maloney added, “It’s also clear that we must work together to pass President Obama’s jobs bill, which would cut payroll taxes for both businesses and workers, giving New York families an extra $1,500 per year; create jobs by investing in our transportation infrastructure; and support hiring thousands of teachers, cops and firefighters.”

Maloney noted, “Everyone of the proposals in the president’s bill had bipartisan support in the past—and with our economy hanging in the balance, there’s no reason for anyone to stand in the way of this jobs bill now. I urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to work with us, pass this bill, and help address the number one issue on the minds of the American people, job creation.”

The grant from the U.S. Department of Labor will fund CUNY’s Career PATH (Preparation for Adults through Training and Higher Education) program. It provides instructional programs—including basic academic and English language courses— that meet specific industry needs.

The program also includes short-term occupational training and a “virtual enterprise simulation” to give students hands-on experience, Maloney explained.

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