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Martin Luther School Announces Addition Of Regents Exams To Advanced Placement Curriculum

Martin Luther School is bringing back the Regents program as part of the high school curriculum. The Regents Exams will be available in English, Algebra, World Studies, U.S. History and Living Environment.
“One of the biggest reasons that we’re bringing back the Regents program is that it will make our students more marketable to the CUNY and SUNY schools,” explained Guidance Director Donna Younghese. “The demand for admission to these schools is resulting in a more in-depth study of a student’s entire record, not just the SAT scores. By offering the Regents Exams, our graduates will have another score in their portfolio to help them get into these CUNY and SUNY schools.”
This year, Martin Luther School offers courses in AP US History, AP Calculus, AP Environmental Science, AP English, AP Spanish and AP German. All students are required to take at least one Advanced Placement course to graduate. In the past, graduates have earned as many as nine credits toward their college career, resulting in significant tuition savings.
“Here at Martin Luther School, we firmly believe in the academic rigors afforded by the Advanced Placement program and the benefits to students as they continue on to college,” explained Head of School Randal Gast. “But we also need to provide our students with all of the advantages that will help them get into the schools they want to attend. By offering both AP and Regents, not only will our students get into their desired school, but they will be able to save their parents money by earning college credits in high school.”

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