2011-08-24 / Restaurant of the Week


By Teresa Barile

I’m not only a food writer, I’m a believer! A believer in the benefits of eating a healthier diet composed largely of vegetables, grains and fruit. And if it’s all organic… even better! That’s why I, and so many likeminded Astorians, shop regularly at Astoria Organic Market on Broadway and 46th St. This neat, compact store provides one-stop-shopping for all your food, good health and household needs. Now, they’ve taken their great product line a step further by offering it to you via home delivery. Astoria Organic is proud to introduce “organicatyourdoor.com”, your click-to site for all things organic, freshly made and delicious. Owner John Sierros is proud of this new aspect of his thriving business and his customers are raving about it.

The first thing you’ll notice at the shop is the wide array of fresh food, juices, vegetables and fruit. There’s a centrally located steam table with the chef’s meals of the day, including roasted organic chicken, potatoes, vegetables and delicious soups such as carrot ginger, vegetarian lentil and chicken noodle. A tempting salad bar with a dozen healthy, freshly prepared dishes offers whole wheat fusilli pasta with grilled chicken and fresh basil, barley with raisins, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, Mexican corn salad and chick pea salad, to name just a few. Fresh, grilled seasonal vegetables are always available and make a great side dish. The selections change daily to reflect the season’s best produce and to please the ever-returning clientele. At Astoria Organic, you can eat it right there at the tidy tables with free WiFi, or take it home for a nutritious dinner.

A sparkling glass case shows off a wide selection of tempting wraps which include spicy Buffalo chicken, Italian tuna, grilled vegetable, Caesar chicken wrap and more. My favorite is the grilled chicken wrap with fresh spinach and feta cheese, wrapped in a spinach tortilla for an extra punch of vitamins. My companion enjoyed the Italian tuna wrap, for its light, fresh flavors. I hear the crab cakes are also very good. Panini are made on ciabatta bread, generously filled with grilled vegetables, chipotle chicken, tuna or chicken salad or their crispy crab cakes. A quick press on the hot grill transforms these Panini into a satisfying meal, to stay or to go. Sandwiches are constructed on multi-grain rolls, olive bread or rosemary bread and most come in both regular size and mini size. These tasty sandwiches are composed of turkey and Swiss cheese, salami, vegan mozzarella with tomato, goat cheese and sprouts and other changing varieties. Better still, these tasty sandwiches are available at half price after 8:00pm. It’s no wonder so many scoop them up on their way home from work. Astoria Organic Market is located just outside the R train’s 46th Street station.

While the fresh juice bar hums with carrot, apple and ginger elixirs and dozens of other combinations, Tommy, the friendly manager, is always on hand to recommend his favorite sandwich, such as the organic turkey, beef or veggie burger, grilled to order and served on a multi-grain roll. Further into Astoria Organic market, an entire supermarket of healthy foods and products awaits you. A refrigerated case boasts fresh, organic produce and fruit including healthy greens, tomatoes, herbs lettuces and more. Grab a bunch of kale and sautée it with garlic and oil while you boil some hearty grains or beans for a healthy meal. Organic yogurts, cheeses, mild and raw fruit juices are really popular here, and there are always low prices on organic, free-range brown eggs. Frozen organic dinner entrées and frozen vegetables are available too, along with aisles of organic pasta, rice, grains, cereals, cookies, and crackers. There’s a special “gluten free” section of products for those with celiac disease, and even your dog and cat can eat organic pet food from Natural Market.

Astoria Organic Market strives to keep you healthy both inside and outside. They offer an extensive selection of teas, herbal supplements, vitamins, essential oils and nutritional supplements to keep you in tip top health. Take care of the outside too with natural health and beauty products including soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, creams, lotions and more. Breathe easy with environmentally sound and eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your home and your family healthy, while leaving everything clean and fresh.

Astoria Organic Market has great desserts, cakes, vegan peanut butter cups and brownies that all go well with coffee, espresso, and cappuccino served hot or cold. I see lots of folks in the morning buying healthy muffins and coffee on their way to work.

One of the most appealing aspects of Astoria Organic is the sense of community. People know you by face or by name and community notices can be posted on the bookcase, which holds dozens of books to share. Chat with a friend at one of the tables, inside or outside and take advantage of free WiFi.

Don’t forget www.organicatyourdoor.com can bring all of this fresh, organic food, fruit, vegetables and household items to your home in Queens or Manhattan. Sign up today. Astoria Organic Market is open seven days a week from 6:30am to 11:00pm weekdays and from 7:30am to 11:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. You are what you eat and there is nothing more important than your health. Pay a visit to Astoria Organic Market on Broadway or click on the site for the healthiest foods available. Salud!


46-03 Broadway, Astoria
718-777-8477  718.274.0239


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