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Not Just Another Diet Book


The failing of most weight loss guides is that they are strict, regimented plans complete with recipes, rules and long lists of do’s and don’ts. However, this approach is exactly what Astoria resident Jonathan Ellis shuns in his revolutionary new book, If I Can Lose It... A Middle Aged Tech Fanatic’s Extraordinary Journey & Guide-Book for Losing Weight.

Rather than bombard the reader with a rigid program to achieve weight loss, Ellis simply aims to inspire and change the reader’s approach to weight control through a detailed journey of his own success.

His personal journey, as the reader discovers, included an increase in visits to Astoria Park as well as a change in the way he viewed the human body from the perspective of technology.

“I don't tell anyone how to lose weight,” Ellis explains, “only how I lost it.”

The book includes insights, thought processes and other data recorded during his journey to a healthier lifestyle, all of which are intended to positively influence the reader’s view on his or her own attempts at weight loss. It also, while remaining positive, stays realistic. Rather than make claims about a secret trick that magically transforms one’s body, as is rampant in the weight loss industry, it details both Ellis’ successes and mistakes, his moments of gratification and of disappointment, which make for a guide that is as honest as it is refreshing.

Reader reviews of If I Can Lose It... have described the book as “careful to skewer the diet industry, entertainingly, from the beginning” and “a valuable read for anyone who wants to lose weight, particularly if you have tried and tried and have given up the ghost on that particular goal.”

When asked about the writing process, Ellis said, “I began to write when I had lost the first 11 pounds and knew that I had discovered something that could be communicated to others without my making rules for them to follow.” His love of technology has aided this process not only by giving him new ways to view his body, but by giving him access to many handy diet and exercise calculating tools that are seldom used by the average dieter.

Ellis has been a resident of Astoria for 12 years. His goal in writing If I Can Lose It... was to change the way dieters view the process of losing weight by taking control of their own personal lifestyle, rather than following guidelines and rules that could possibly be unhealthy or not suitable for each individual.

“There’s nothing that makes me happier than to hear those stories of success,” Ellis said. “Not as an acknowledgment of what I have done, but rather what they have done.”

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