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Jeneen Terrana Serenades Queens


The cover of Jeneen Terrana’s new album “See the Light”. The cover of Jeneen Terrana’s new album “See the Light”. Astoria’s own Jeneen Terrana has been making her presence known around the world— especially in the New York music scene—as a talented singer and songwriter with her new album, “See the Light”.

Terrana was raised in Buffalo where she grew up watching her Sicilian grandfather perform operas after traditional Sunday dinners and drifting in and out of rock bands throughout high school. After graduating, she found her voice by experimenting with more classical music, which she studied throughout college.

In 2002, Terrana released her first full-length album, “Just Me”, which was followed by her award-winning record “My Creation” after a long break in 2007. “See the Light” was released on January 1 of this year.

Terrana now resides in Astoria, where she tours the local music scene, promoting her new album in venues throughout the city. Despite also having toured in Europe and having opportunities for international recognition, she is still very much a local girl. “See the Light” is a hearty mix of pop, folk, blues, and acoustic “indie” rock that showcases Terrana’s wide vocal range and abilities. Songs like “I Laid It On Him” and “Raise Your Voice” display the inspiring bravado of a strong-willed young woman, whereas enlightening tracks like “See The Light” and the revealing “God, I Need Comfort” show the steady maturation of both the music and its singer. Beginning with the fun, poppy “Benny’s In My Head,” and ending with the vulnerable plea, “Time”, the album encompasses a variety of moods, taking the listener on a positive coming-of-age journey that relays Terrana’s experiences over the past few years.

In fact, the lyrics were written under the inspiration of her own journal entries from 2009 to 2010, which recorded the ups and downs of her own personal life. The result is an album that is relatable, soothing and reassuring as well as enjoyable.

Terrana is currently unsigned and has published “See the Light” independently. Tour dates, music and more information can be found at her MySpace page www.myspace.com/jeneenterrana as well as her Web site, www.jeneenterrana.com.

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